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Artist Listing
Now you've got a list of artist names on the right. What to do next? Easy enough. Just click on the artist name you're interested in and it will take you to more details about that artist.

We're far from finished with this effort. We'll be adding more information, even more artists and groups as we go along. So, stay tuned! We're aiming to be the complete source of old time Hillbilly music and won't stop til we get there.

So, you wonder who we might update as we go along? Well, if you see an "*" next to a name, that will tell you that in the current year, we either:

Of course, don't let your curiosity stop you from viewing the other artists, too. This may be 'history', but we keep discovering new information every day it seems.

Artist Name (with Band or other details)
  Cowboy Loye Pack
  Marshall Pack
  Jack Padgett
  Allan Page
  Frank Page
  Patti Page *
  Robert N. Page
  Jack Paget and the Melody Round-Up Boys
  Tommy (Butterball) Paige *
  Joe Pain
  Emert Painter *
  Joe Painter
  Chuck Palmer and His Hillbillies
  Leslie Palmer and Jack Hilliard
  Panhandle Pete
  Harry Papaila
  Jolly Joe Parish
  Andy Parker and the Plainsmen
  Billy Parker
  Byron Parker and his Black Draught Hillbillies *
  Charlie Parker and Mack Woolbright
  Charlie Parker
  Chubby Parker and His Banjo
  Cousin Clara Parker *
  Dale Parker
  Fess Parker and Buddy Ebsen
  Fess Parker *
  Fiddlin' Jimmie Parker
  Herschel Parker
  Jim Parker
  Linda Parker
  Loren Parker
  Marge Parker
  Mitchell Parker
  Peggy Parker and Perry Bechtel
  Randall Parker *
  Ray (Curley) Parker
  Rex Parker and Eleanor Parker
  Smokey Parker and Penny Linn
  Terry Parker
  Ray Parks
  Roy Parks
  Ed Parsley and his Saddle Pals
  Don Parsons and His Melody Range Riders
  Gordon Parsons
  Joe Parsons *
  Dolly Parton
  Fiddlin' Jim Pate
  Joe Patek and His Bohemian Orchestra
  Pat Patraw
  Zella Patrick *
  Andy Patterson *
  Andy Patterson , Warren Caplinger and The Dixie Harmonizers
  Pat Patterson
  Pat Patterson and Lois Dexter
  Uncle Jim Patterson
  Walter (Pat) Patterson
  Pat Patterson (Maple City Four)
  Cowboy Jack Patton *
  Rudy Patzman *
  Paul and Bert
  La Fawn Paul *
  Les Paul
  Les Paul and Mary Ford
  Cyprian Paulette *
  Don Paull and The Canyon Caravan
  Don Paull (NM)
  Don Paull (WA)
  Herb and Shirley Pauls
  Slim Paulsen and Red Paulsen
  Arnie Paulson
  Johnny Paycheck
  Leon Payne and his Lone Star Buddies
  Rufus (Tee Tot) Payne
  Dusty Payton
  Eddie Peabody *
  Uncle Abner Peachwhistle (Green)
  Minnie Pearl
  Ike Pearson and James Hall
  Maury Pearson
  Uncle Ray (Curley) Peavler
  Hugh Peay
  Bert Peck
  Deanna and Tex Pederson
  Harry (Hap) Peebles
  Bill Peer and the Melody Boys
  Michael (Duke) Pelillo
  Matt Pelkonen *
  Patrick (Dak) Pellerin *
  Vito Pellettieri
  Fred Pendleton
  Zag (The Ozark Mountain Boy) Pennell
  Glenn Pennington
  Jackie Boy Pennington
  Mickey (Cousin Mickey) Pennington
  Ray Pennington *
  Hank Penny
  Joe Penny
  John Penny
  Stusia Pennypacker
  Thurman Percifield *
  Ray Periandri
  Carl Perkins
  Judy Perkins
  Lefty Perkins
  Luther Perkins
  Red Perkins and His Kentucky Redheads
  Rondell Perkins (Perky's Huskers)
  Jean Perron
  Al Kealoha Perry *
  Fiddlin Red Perry
  Jack Perry
  Norman Perry
  Owen Perry *
  Tex (Newark's Yodeling Cowboy) Perry and his Ramblers
  Happy Perryman and His Happy-Go-Lucky Mountaineers
  Lloyd Perryman
  Tom Perryman
  Pete and Shorty
  Pete's Hillbilly Jamboree
  Ben Peters
  Henry Peters
  Earl Peterson
  Ron Peterson
  Walter Peterson *
  Ivey (Herman Horsehair) Peterson (Bugfuzz)
  Phantom and the Mystery Riders
  Hod Pharis *
  Don (Drifting Cowboy) Phelps
  Earl Phelps and the Virginia Rounders
  Earl & Willie Phelps
  Jackie Phelps
  Natalie Phelps
  Norman Phelps and the Virginia Rounders
  Willie Phelps and the Virginia Rounders
  Bert (Foreman) Phillips
  Bill Phillips
  Bob Phillips
  Charlie Phillips and the Sugartimers
  Dickie Phillips
  Elmo Phillips
  George Phillips
  Hal Phillips
  Joe Phillips and his Dixie Pals
  Mozelle Phillips
  Slim Phillips *
  Stu Phillips
  Ernest Phipps and Congregation
  James (Charlie) Pickard
  Leila Mai Pickard
  Leila May Pickard
  Margaret Ann Pickard
  Obed Pickard
  Obed (Bubb) Pickard
  Ruth Pickard
  Jack Pickell
  Pie Plant Pete
  Alan and Kenny Pierce *
  Jack Pierce and his Cowboys
  Webb Pierce
  Wes Pierce
  Dee Pierson
  Jeannie Pierson
  Jimmy Pierson and his Novelty Boys
  Lois Pierson
  Willie Pierson
  Pig Foot Pete
  Dick Pigman and His Happy Hollow Boys *
  Fred Pike
  Pete Pike
  Russ Pike and his Prairie Knights *
  Cousin Ebb (James Elbert) Pilling and his Ozark Squirrel Shooters
  Ray Pillow *
  Slim Pinkerton *
  Bob Pinson (Author)
  Pinto Pete
  Tracy Pitcox
  Barbara Pittman
  Jimmy Pittman
  Piute Pete *
  Robert (Squeezy) Platte *
  Smokey Pleacher
  Linda Plowman *
  Nell Poe
  Barton Dees Pogue *
  Marshall Polk
  Sonny Polk *
  Talmadge (Tal) Pollard *
  J.T. Pollards and the Sundown Drifters
  Patti and Penny Pollock (The Twin-Tones) *
  Patti Pollock (Twin-Tones) *
  Penny Pollock (Twin-Tones) *
  Charlie Poole and Swing Billies
  Charlie Poole and The North Carolina Ramblers *
  Cheryl Poole
  Murrell Poor
  Groovey Joe Poovey
  A. J. (Smitty) Pope
  Joe Pope *
  Sam Poplin
  William Edwin Poplin and His Barn Dance Orchestra
  William (Ed) Poplin Jr. *
  J. Whitman Porch
  Archie Porter *
  Dean Porter and His Country Rhythm Boys *
  E. J. Porter
  Frank Porter *
  Nancy Porter
  Rocky Porter *
  Rocky Porter and with String Band
  Nolan Porterfield (Author)
  Polly Possum and the Dogpatch Boys
  Mike Post
  Blythe Poteet
  Bill Potter *
  Curtis Potter
  Dale Potter
  Penny Potter
  Douglas Potts
  Curt Poulton
  Powder River Jack and Kitty Lee
  C. L. (Charles) Powell
  Gracie Powell
  Harland Powell *
  Jack & John Powell
  Jimmy Powell and His Hillbilly Ramblers and the Sunshine Sweethearts
  Little Joe Powell
  Max Powell *
  Patti Powell
  Tex Powell and the Rhythm Rangers
  Fiddlin' Powers and and Family
  Jimmy Powers
  Bob Prather
  Charles Pray (Chuck and Don)
  Patsy Prescott
  Elvis Presley
  Frank Presley
  Bob Pressley and His Sagebrush Serenaders
  Ray Pressley *
  Azilee Preston
  Lew Preston and His Men of the Range *
  Paul (Hank) Preston and His White Mountaineers
  Terry Preston *
  Bill Price
  Bob Price
  Deane Price
  Gene Price *
  Joe Price *
  Kenny Price
  Mel Price and the Santa Fe Rangers
  Ray Price and the Cherokee Cowboys
  Toby Price and his Bar None Ranch Gang
  Patti Prichard
  Charley Pride and The Pridesmen
  Lamelle Prince *
  Richard Prine
  Zeke Prior and his Country Ramblers
  Lou Prohut *
  Orval Prophet
  Rex Prophet The Canadian Plowboy *
  Felton Pruett *
  Jeannie Pruett
  Jimmy Pruett
  Cactus Pryor *
  Billy Puckett
  Riley Puckett
  Buster Puffenbarger
  Helen Puffenbarger
  Billy Boy Purcell
  Curly Putman
  Curly Putman
  Charles Putt
  Pete Pyle


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