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Artist Listing
Now you've got a list of artist names on the right. What to do next? Easy enough. Just click on the artist name you're interested in and it will take you to more details about that artist.

We're far from finished with this effort. We'll be adding more information, even more artists and groups as we go along. So, stay tuned! We're aiming to be the complete source of old time Hillbilly music and won't stop til we get there.

So, you wonder who we might update as we go along? Well, if you see an "*" next to a name, that will tell you that in the current year, we either:

Of course, don't let your curiosity stop you from viewing the other artists, too. This may be 'history', but we keep discovering new information every day it seems.

Artist Name (with Band or other details)
  Bill Wade and His Country Gentlemen
  George Wade and Francum Braswell
  Lew Wade
  Lindy Wade
  Ray Wade and His Rhythm Riders
  Roger Lee (Buck) Wade *
  Ronny Wade
  Charlie Waggoner
  Chuck Wagner
  William B. Wagnon Jr.
  Porter Wagoner and the Wagonmasters
  Herman (Happy) Wainwright
  Virginia (Mrs. Fred) Wakefield *
  Jimmy Wakely
  Tony Walberg
  Bernie Waldon
  Cliff Waldon *
  Billie Walker and the Texas Longhorns
  Billy Walker and the Traveling Texans *
  Bobby Walker *
  Buddy Walker
  Cas Walker
  Charlie Walker
  Cindy Walker
  Dusty Walker and the Dixie Drifters
  Dusty Walker
  Ernie Walker
  Jimmy Walker
  John V. Walker and The Corbin Ramblers
  Juanita (Honey Gal) Walker
  Prairie Stan Walker
  Ray Walker *
  Wayne Walker
  Wiley Walker
  Wiley Walker and Gene Sullivan
  Rem Wall and the Green Valley Boys
  Billy Wallace
  Dusty Wallace
  Frankie Wallace *
  Jerry Wallace
  Jerry (Cunnel) Wallace
  Ray Wallace
  Roy (Scrubboard) Wallace *
  Tex Wallace and His Red Barn Ranch Hands
  Eddie Wallace (Sunshine Boys)
  Jimmy Waller
  Don Walser *
  Andy Walsh
  Doc Walsh
  Betty Walsworth *
  Charlie Walter and the Trail Riders
  Hank Walters
  Uncle Roy Waltman
  Staley Walton
  Fred Wamble *
  A. Ward and His Plowboys
  C. E. Ward
  Cecil and Esther Ward
  Dale Ward *
  Preston Ward and His Echo Valley Boys
  Robin Ward
  Tommy Ward
  Gabe Ward (Hoosier Hot Shots)
  Paul Warmack and his Gully Jumpers
  Hank Warner
  Cleve Warnock *
  Cliff Warren
  Dale Warren
  Doug Warren
  Jimmie Dale Warren
  Johnny Warren
  Paul Warren
  Shorty Warren and the Western Rangers
  Smokey Warren
  Smokey and Shorty Warren
  Tommy Warren
  Uncle Wash
  Country Washburne
  Loyce (Tex) Waterbury
  Shorty Waterbury
  Ozie Waters and The Colorado Hillbillies
  Smiling Bill Waters *
  Sneezy Waters *
  W.L. Rustic Waters
  Margaret (Sallie) Waters (Sarie and Sally)
  Glenn Watkins
  Richard Watkins
  Doc Watson
  El Watson
  Harvey Watson
  Tommy Watson
  Jake Watts
  Slim Watts *
  Wilmer Watts
  Jim Waymire and the Gang
  Black Jack Wayne
  Bobby Wayne
  Charley Wayne *
  Charlie Wayne
  Chuck Wayne
  Chuck Wayne
  Clark Wayne
  Curtis Wayne
  Deacon Wayne and his Happy Hollow Cowboys
  Dick Wayne
  Eddy Wayne and the Starlight Rangers
  Faye Wayne
  Larry Wayne
  Lou Wayne
  Millie Wayne
  Paul Wayne
  Tex Wayne
  Wanda Wayne *
  Lloyd (Cowboy) Weaver *
  Pete Weaver and his Corn Huskers
  Vance Weaver
  Wiley Weaver
  Jack Webb
  Jackie Ruth Webb
  Jay Lee Webb
  June Webb
  Lee Webb and his West Virginia Pals
  Robert H. (Dude) Webb
  Buddy Weber
  Bud Webster and his Borderland Buckaroos
  Bud Webster
  Danny Webster
  Rusty Webster
  Tumble Weed *
  Deacon Weeks
  Dick (Dickson) Weems
  Harry Weger and his Hoosierland Hoedown Gang *
  Ray Welch
  Chet Weldon
  Frank Welling
  Rusty Wellington
  Jack Wellman
  Curly Wellman (Hilltop Harmonizers)
  Ardis Wells
  Bert Wells
  Chuck Wells
  Dick Wells and the Sunset Westerners
  Jimmy Wells and his Dakota Roundup Gang
  Kitty Wells
  Kitty Wells
  Ruby Wells
  Shorty Wells
  Wee Willie Wells (The Tiger of Texas)
  Johnnie (Sassafrass) Welsh *
  Glenn Welty *
  Art Wenzel and His Ragtime Cowboys
  Bill (Cousin Wilbur) Wesbrooks *
  Bill Wesley *
  Nick Wesley and the Top Hands
  Al West and his Drifters
  Dottie West
  Eben West
  Farin West
  Irene West and The Royal Hawaiian Troupe *
  Jeannie West *
  Jim West
  Judy West
  Kelly West
  Penny West
  Roy West and his Range Riders
  Speedy West
  Tabby West
  Ted West and his Sioux Valley Serenaders
  Tim West
  Vernon West
  William W. West
  Bonnie West (Clem and Maggie) *
  Cal West (Clem and Maggie) *
  Kent Westberry *
  Johnny Western
  Western Nell
  Paul Westmoreland and His Pecos River Boys
  Don Weston and The Texas Tophands
  Don Weston *
  Kim Weston *
  J. Eldon Whalin
  Alton E. Wheeler
  Billy Ed Wheeler
  Buddy Wheeler *
  Frank Wheeler and Monroe Lamb
  Happy Wheeler
  Joe Wheeler
  Karen Wheeler
  Lyneve Wheeler
  Onie Wheeler
  Russ Wheeler
  Billy Whelan
  Slimmy Whimmy *
  Roy Whisnand *
  Willie Whistle *
  Joy Whitaker
  Bob White
  Bobby White *
  Butch White
  Don White
  Don (The Carolina Boy) White
  Donnie White
  Hal White
  Howard White
  James White
  John White
  Johnnie White and the Sons of the West
  Lasses White and His All Star Minstrel Show
  Les White and His Rhythm Rangers
  Lexie White
  Lucky White and the Dude Ranch Playboys
  Muriel White
  Patti White
  Roger White
  Ted White
  Terry White
  Tex White
  Harris White (The Songfellows)
  Dean Whitehouse
  Wayma (Pee Wee) Whitewing
  Margaret Whiting and Jimmy Wakely
  Margaret Whiting
  Nathalie Trow Whiting
  Ray Whitley
  Jim Whitlock
  Slim Whitman
  Don Whitney
  Wesley Whitson
  Henry Whitter
  Buzz Whittica *
  Nancy Wible
  Uncle Jimmy Wickham
  Jimmy Widener
  Stan Widney
  Cowboy Jake Wiggington
  Curley Wiggins *
  Johnny Wiggins
  Little Roy Wiggins
  Pop Wiggins *
  Seth Wiggins
  Tommy Wiggins
  Don Wilburn *
  Doyle Wilburn
  Teddy Wilburn
  Gordon Wilcox *
  Red Wilcox *
  Russ Wildey (Ray-O-Vac Twins)
  Edwin Wilds and his Tennessee Cotton Pickers
  Honey Wilds
  John Wilfart and & His Orchestra
  Whoopee John Wilfart
  D. K. (Donald) Wilgus (Author)
  Bill 'The Shepherd of the Hills' Wilhite *
  George W. Wilkerson and His Fruit Jar Drinkers
  Marijohn Wilkin *
  Floyd Wilkins
  Charles (Si) Wilkins (Buckeye Four)
  Jess Willard
  Slim Willet
  Audrey Williams
  Benny Williams *
  Bert Williams
  Billy Williams and The Pecos River Rogues
  Bob Williams and the Cumberland Mountaineers
  Buddy Williams
  Carol Williams
  Charlie Williams
  Chickie Williams
  Chuck Williams
  Curley Williams and Georgia Peach Pickers
  Curly Williams and The Westernaires
  Cy Williams
  Dad Williams
  Darleen Williams
  Doc Williams and The Border Riders
  Eddie Williams
  Gary Williams
  Hank Williams and The Drifting Cowboys
  Hank and Audrey Williams and the Drifting Cowboys
  Herb Williams
  Jerry Williams and the Traveling Troubadours
  Jimmie Williams
  Joan Williams
  Kearney Williams
  Lawton Williams
  Leona Williams
  Lew Williams
  Little Roy Williams
  Marc (The Cowboy Crooner) Williams
  Perk Williams *
  Ronnie Williams and the Rustic Rhythm Boys
  Slim Williams
  Spike Williams
  Sue Williams
  Tex Williams
  Tex and Irene Williams
  W. S. Williams
  Woody Williams
  Wyoming Pete Williams
  Zeke Williams
  Don Williams (Don and Earl)
  Velma Williams (Williams Sisters)
  Hank Williams, Jr.
  Arnold Williamson
  Bobby Williamson
  William Ervin Williamson
  Foy Willing and His Riders of the Purple Sage
  Hal Willis *
  Sleepy Willis
  Billy Willow
  Billy Jack Wills and His Western Swing Band *
  Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys *
  Johnnie Lee Wills *
  Luke Wills' Rhythm Busters *
  Parker Willson *
  Beverly Mae Wilson
  Billy Wilson
  Bobby Wilson
  Buck Wilson and His Rangers
  Bun Wilson
  Charlie Wilson and The Hayloft Boys
  Clyde (Slim Pickens) Wilson
  Dad's Boys Wilson
  Daisy Wilson
  Don Wilson
  Evelyn Wilson
  George Earle Wilson *
  Grace Wilson
  Happy Wilson and Golden River Boys
  Jim and June and Wilson
  Jim Wilson
  Kitty Wilson
  Lonnie (Pap) Wilson
  Marjorie Wilson
  Norro Wilson
  Perry (Grandpa) Wilson and the Green Valley Boys
  Slim Wilson and Tall Timber Trio
  Slim Wilson and The Prairie Sons
  Slim Wilson and The Dixie Drifters
  Smiley Wilson and His Range Partners *
  Smiley and Kitty Wilson
  Tommy Wilson
  Wee Willie Wilson and his Ozark Ramblers
  Edna (Sarie) Wilson (Sarie and Sally)
  Jaynane Wilt
  Jimmy Wilt
  Jimmy and Jaynane Wilt
  Arline Wiltshire
  Bill Wiltshire
  Bill and Arline Wiltshire
  Bill Wimberly and the KFH Ark Valley Boys
  Bill Wimberly and the Country Rhythm Boys
  Ralph (Cyclone) Wimberly
  Al Winburn and his Melody Rangers
  Windy and his Maryland Yodelers
  Fred Wingate
  Doug Wingert and His Rhythm Rangers
  Bob Wingrove *
  Pearl Winkert (Winkert Sisters)
  Ruth Winkert (Winkert Sisters)
  Reinhardt (Rhine) Winkler and His Orchestra *
  Roy Winn and His Gang
  Cleon Winters and the Gold Coast Playboys
  Don Winters
  Shirley Winters
  Chubby Wise
  Jack Wiseley
  Mac Wiseman
  Scotty (Skyland Scotty) Wiseman
  Clara (Bonnie) Witham *
  Dusty and Bonnie Witham
  Dusty Cal Witham
  Al (Porky) Witherow
  Clem Witherspoon
  Whitey Woelk and The Pioneers
  Charles K. Wolfe (Author)
  Danny Wolfe *
  Howard (Foxy) Wolfe *
  Wanda and Bob Wolfe
  Haskell Wolfenbarger
  Curtis (Sage) Wolff
  Eddie 'The Hoosier Hillbilly' Wolford
  DaCosta Woltz and His Southern Broadcasters *
  Joe Wolverton and His Dog Patch Boys *
  Alvanelle Wood
  Austin Wood *
  Charlotte Wood *
  Del Wood
  Freddy Wood and the Nightriders
  Kathy Wood
  Shirley Wood
  Uncle George Wood *
  Dennis (Boots) Woodall and His Radio Wranglers
  Woody Wooddell and The Ridin' Rangers
  Steve Wooden
  Thelma (Penny) Woodford *
  Woody Woodham
  Floyd Woodhull *
  Ephraim Woodie and the Henpecked Husbands *
  Norman Woodlief
  Arthur Woods and North Carolina Ridge Runners
  Bill Woods and his Orange Blossom Playboys
  Billy Woods *
  Chuck Woods and His Southern Stars *
  Cowgirl Kay Woods
  Gene Woods
  Jack Woods *
  Jimmy Woods and The Woodsmen
  Patti Woods
  Uncle Billy Woods and the Cripple Creek Folks
  Leon 'Woody' Woodward and The Ramblers
  Red Woodward and His Red Hawks
  Buddy Woody *
  Don Woody *
  Sheb Wooley
  Eddie Woolford
  Tex and Helen Woolsey
  Dave Woolum and Noah Crase
  Dave Woolum *
  Bashful Bobby Wooton
  Margie Word
  Jimmy Work and His Tennessee Border Boys
  Jimmy Work
  George Workman
  John Workman
  Odie Workman *
  Sam Workman
  Ernest Worley
  Billy Worth *
  Marion Worth
  Wrangler Joe
  Bobby Wright
  Buddy Wright
  Carol Sue Wright *
  Cecil Wright and The Desert Roamers
  Darlene Wright *
  Dortha Wright *
  Ginny Wright
  Hank (The Tumbleweed Yodeler) Wright and the Barnyard Jamboree Group
  Jerry Wright
  Jesse (The Lonesome Yodeler) Wright
  Johnnie Wright
  Lenny Wright and the Carolina Travelers
  Lucky Wright
  Mary Wright
  O. L. Wright
  Pappy Wright and the Gang
  Ruby Wright
  Sonny Wright
  Ralph Wrinkle and his Troubadors
  Elsie Wuertz *
  Harry (Yodler) Wulson
  Gene Wyatt *
  Howard Wyatt (Roane County Ramblers)
  (Eldon) Speedy Wyman
  Tammy Wynette
  Carol Wynne *
  Wyoming Cowboy
  Wyoming Jack
  Mary Wysong


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