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Come on in folks. Sit yourself down a spell and get ready for some fun. You're going to go browsing through our database of artists and groups. You'll get to see what shows they were a part of, the career honors they've received, the recordings they've made (where we can find the information) as well as some tidbits about them. And if that isn't enough, occasionally we'll find other websites who can give you a whole lot more than we can hear, especially the fan clubs and fans who've dedicated a few pages to the artist and/or group or a whole site to them.

Click on a letter at the top of the page. The next thing you will see is a list of artists whose last name begins with that letter. From there, just click on a name you're interested in reading about.

We're constantly adding information as we find it. We don't expect this site will ever be called 'complete'. Call it a hobby. Call it a scavenger hunt. But more than anything, its fun and we hope you enjoy your stay here.

Birthdays on this date
 Dolly Good December 11, 1915 
 Yodeling Slim Clarke December 11, 1917 
  Cousin Jody December 11, 1919 
 Vancie Flowers December 11, 1924 
 Kitty Wilson December 11, 1927 
 Bill Carter December 11, 1929 
 Tom Brumley December 11, 1935 
 Guy Nelson December 11, 1935 
 Brenda Lee December 11, 1944 

Deaths on this Date
 Fiddlin' John Carson December 11, 1949 
 Fred Mack December 11, 2009 
Appearances on this Date


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