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Artist Listing
Now you've got a list of artist names on the right. What to do next? Easy enough. Just click on the artist name you're interested in and it will take you to more details about that artist.

We're far from finished with this effort. We'll be adding more information, even more artists and groups as we go along. So, stay tuned! We're aiming to be the complete source of old time Hillbilly music and won't stop til we get there.

So, you wonder who we might update as we go along? Well, if you see an "*" next to a name, that will tell you that in the current year, we either:

Of course, don't let your curiosity stop you from viewing the other artists, too. This may be 'history', but we keep discovering new information every day it seems.

Artist Name (with Band or other details)
  Joe Babcock
  Baby Mary Lou
  Baby Ruby
  (Lucky) Lon Backman
  Homer Bailes *
  Johnnie Bailes
  Kyle Bailes *
  Walter Bailes
  Ace Bailey and his Utah Trailers
  Bill Bailey
  Bill Bailey
  Bill Bailey
  Bud Bailey and his Down Easters
  Charles Bailey
  Danny Bailey and the Happy Valley Boys
  DeFord Bailey
  Doc Bailey
  Gene Bailey
  Harry Bailey and His Southern Serenaders
  Lee Bailey and His Melody Mountain Boys
  Buddy Bain
  Ada Baker
  Billy Baker
  Bob Baker
  Carroll Baker *
  Cathy Baker
  Curley Baker and Marie
  Ernest Baker
  Fred Baker
  Jack Baker
  Kenny Baker *
  Kidd Baker
  Lou Baker and His Western Playboys
  W. M. (William) Baker
  Bonnie Baldwin
  Luke Baldwin *
  Shirley Baldwin
  Ace Ball *
  Beutley Ball
  Fred Ball
  Ralph Ballard *
  Bob Ballentine
  Fiddling Tom Baltzell *
  Henry Bandy
  Banjo George and his Trio
  Banjo Joe
  Lloyd Bank *
  Charlie Banks *
  Betty and Paul Barber
  Glenn Barber
  Jack Barbour and His Rhythm Rustlers
  Rue Barclay
  Bobby Bare
  Becky Barfield
  C. L. Barfield *
  Johnny Barfield and the Corral Cowboys
  Delbert Barker
  Happy-Go-Lucky Joe Barker
  Nancy Lee Barker *
  Shirley Barker *
  Bruce Barkley
  Houston Barks *
  Jack Barlow *
  Bashful Barney Barnard
  Darrell (Gene) Barnard
  Lester (Junior) Barnard
  Benny Barnes
  Roy Barnes
  Shirley Ann Barnes
  Bobby Barnett
  Sammy Barnhart and His United County Boys
  Shorty Barnhill
  Barnyard Pete
  Don Baron and the Frontier Trailsmen
  Bill Barr and the Sons of Texas
  Ann Barrett
  Curt Barrett
  T. H. (Thomas) Barritt
  Lonnie Barron
  Ronie Barth *
  Norma Barthel
  Bettye Bartlett
  Doc Bartley and His Country All Stars
  Bashful Jim Barton
  Billy (Hillbilly) Barton *
  Lew Barton and the Dixie Melodiers
  Uncle Johnny Barton *
  Bashful Barney and the Wyoming Rustlers
  Bashful Harmonica Joe
  Cleve Bass and His Breakdown Band
  Kitty Bass
  Napoleon (Nap) Bastien (Nap and Dee)
  Dr. Humphrey Bate and the Possum Hunters *
  Humphrey (Buster) Bate *
  Red Bates and his Boys
  Shirley Bates
  Ray Batts
  Peggy (Marjorie) Bauersfeld
  Everett Baughman
  Clyde Baum and The Bayou Boys
  Pete Baumgartner
  John Bava and His Country Cousins
  Phil Baxter and & His Orchestra
  Utah Carl Beach
  Gary Bean
  Pauline (Polly of the Range) Bearce
  Dean Beard and The Rhythm Rebels
  Tom Bearden and The Rhythm Harmoneers
  Norma Beasler *
  Alcyone Bate Beasley
  Irene Beasley
  Jack Beasley *
  Johnny Beasley
  Nan Beasley
  Judy Beaver
  Pappy Gube Beaver
  Clyde Beavers
  Ralph Bebeau *
  Perry Bechtel *
  Werth Becker *
  Cliff Beckwith *
  Lee Bedford, Jr., Caller and The Big D Ranch Hands
  Betty Bee
  Molly Bee *
  John Behan
  Jerry Behrens
  Paul Belanger
  Red Belcher
  Carl Belew *
  Eddie Bell
  Lloyd (Ding Dong) Bell
  Gretta Bellamy and Cousin Paul Crutchfield
  Tommy Bellamy
  Vic Bellamy *
  Little Lillie Belle
  Ola Belle
  Arkie Benedict and His Jolly Cowboys
  Ernie Benedict and His Range Riders
  Richard Dyer Bennet
  Blackie Bennett
  Boyd Bennett *
  Dale Bennett
  Peaches Bennett
  Red Bennett
  Sonny Bennett
  Hank (Hanky Panky) Benoit *
  Red Benson
  Barbi Benton
  Curly Berger *
  Al Bernard
  Bob Berry
  Dale Berry *
  Floy Berry
  Ray Berry
  Ken Berryhill
  Pat Berryman
  Henry Bertram *
  Leon Berube
  Terry Bethel
  Betty and her Hillbilly Buddies
  Baxter Bevell and the Boys from the Hills
  Beverly, the Prairie Sweetheart
  Johnnie (Arizona) Bias and His Blue Prairie Boys
  Red Bicknell (Blackhawk Valley Boys)
  Bob Biddle and his Buckaroos
  Big Jeff and His Radio Playboys
  Big John
  Big Slim (The Lone Cowboy)
  George C. Biggar
  Bill and Evalena *
  Edgar Bill *
  Joe Bill *
  Bill and Joyce
  Bill and Wanda
  Bud Billings and Carson Robison
  Bud Billings
  Bud & Joe Billings
  Dick Bills and his Sandia Mountain Boys
  Pat Binford
  George Bingham and His Hogwallow Band
  Amos Binkley
  Gale Binkley
  Nat Bird and Tom Collins
  L. O. Birkhead and R.M. Lane
  Lars (TheTexas Ranger) Birklid
  Joey Bishop
  Reg Bitton
  Lester 'The Highwayman' Bivins
  Jeanne and Janie Black
  Little Joe Black
  Lou Black
  Howard Black (Hoosier Sod Busters)
  Kenneth Black (The Songfellows) *
  Thelma Blackmon
  James W. Blackwood
  Harry Blaeholder
  Jimmy (Nervous Norvus) Blake *
  Monty Blake
  Randy Blake
  Dorothy Blakley *
  Jimmy Blakley *
  Jimmy and Dorothy Blakley *
  Donald (Red) Blanchard
  Jack Blanchard
  Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan
  Lowell (Bingo) Blanchard
  Chuck Bland and his Drifting Rangers
  Carl Blankenship *
  Ralph and Ruth Blankenship
  Odis Blanton and The Blue Star Rangers
  Dave Blaser
  Earl Bledsoe and Ralph Hunt *
  Gene Bleuens
  Frank Blevins and The Tarheel Rattlers
  Harry Blevins and the Steel City Playboys
  Don and Norman Blizzard
  Hal Block
  Sandra Bloomquist
  Junie Blossom
  Bill Blough
  Tex Bloye and His Sagedusters
  Blue Grass Roy
  Becki Bluefield
  Marshall Blunkall
  Paul Blunt *
  Red Boatright
  Bobbie and (Tucson) Ted
  Bobby (Richard) Bobo and his Western Rhytmaires
  Buford Bodkins
  Bill (Foggy) Boggs
  Dock Boggs
  Lucky Boggs *
  Noel Boggs
  Noel Boggs and Day Sleepers
  Tillie Boggs
  Jack Boles
  Carl Boling and his Four Aces
  Maurice Bolyer
  Jimmy and Donna Bomar
  Ann Bond *
  Dallas Bond and the Musical Farmers
  Eddie Bond and the Western Swing Band
  Johnny Bond
  Lee Bonds and the Shady-Side Playboys
  Henry Bone
  Skeeter Bonn
  Bonnie Blue Eyes
  Bonnie Lou
  Claude Boone
  Randy Boone
  Thaida Booth *
  Tony Booth
  Keith Booth (The Songfellows) *
  Don Boots
  Benny Borg
  Leo Boswell *
  Leo & Dewey Boswell
  Tex Bosworth and the Hot Timers
  Willie Botts *
  Slim Boucher and His Golden Prairie Playboys
  Chris Bouchillon
  Reber Boult
  George (Gib) Bourne
  Johnny Bourque
  Darlene Tobin Bowen *
  Jimmy Bowen
  Chuck Bowers
  Eric Bowers
  M. H. Bowers
  Margie Bowes
  Simon Bowes and the Bowes Brothers
  Becky Bowman and the Blue Sky Boys
  Billy Bowman
  Cecil Bowman *
  Charlie Bowman and His Brothers
  Don Bowman
  Duke Bowman *
  Donnie Bowshier
  Bill Boyd and His Cowboy Ramblers
  Bowling Boyd
  Brantley Boyd
  Clyde Boyd *
  Colin Boyd
  Jim Boyd and His Men Of The West
  Jimmy Boyd
  Pat Boyd
  Bobby Boyle
  Tommy Boyles
  Bozo the Clown
  Bobbie Brace
  Dave Brackman
  Bobby Braddock *
  Grace Bradford
  Jimmy Bradford and The Red River Trouabadours
  Shirley Bradhurst
  Carl Bradley
  Gene Bradley
  Harold Bradley
  Jerry Bradley *
  Owen Bradley
  Ray Bradley
  Carolyn Bradshaw
  Curley Bradshaw
  Jack Bradshaw *
  A. J. Brady
  Buddy Brady
  Chuck Brady
  Gloria Ann Brady *
  Pete Brady and the Playboys
  Calvin Bragg
  Douglas Bragg
  Nelson Bragg *
  Paul Bragg and the Smokestack Valley Folks
  Bill Bramlet *
  Howard Bramlett
  Alice Brammer
  Ernest Branch
  Luke Brandon
  Tom Brannen
  Linda Brannon *
  Kathleen Brantley
  Jimmie Branum
  Aunt Sap Brasfield
  Rod Brasfield
  Uncle Cyp Brasfield
  William (Alex) Brashear
  William Braswell
  Jim Bratton
  Hal (Lone Pine) Breau
  Ophey Breaux (Breaux Brothers) *
  Amadie Breaux (Breaux Freres) *
  Clifford Breaux (Breaux Freres) *
  Jack Brengle
  Johnny Brent
  Kenny Brent
  Gage Brewer
  Kay Brewer *
  Teresa Brewer
  Uncle Rufus Brewster
  Homer Briarhopper *
  Loie Bridge
  Chuck Bridges and his Radio Plowboys
  Arthur (Shorty) Brier
  Art Brier (Arkansas Ramblers)
  Jack Brierton
  Billy Briggs
  Bowles (Red) Brigham and the Harmony Hayriders
  Mark Brine
  Dottie Brisco
  Elton Britt and The Skytoppers
  Elton Britt
  Mart Britt and His Orchestra
  Miss Nettie Mae Broach
  Donna Brock *
  Chas Bronson
  Charles Brook and Charlie Turner
  Bob Brookes
  Billy Brooks
  Blondie Brooks *
  Charles Brooks
  Doyle Brooks
  Richard Brooks
  Brother Oswald
  Bruce Broussard and his Roundup Boys
  Billy Brown
  Bonnie Brown
  Clarence (Cousin Clarence) Brown *
  Cliff Brown
  Crash Brown
  Danny Brown
  Dusty Brown and Johnny Angel
  Garland 'Smiling Brownie' Brown
  Gordy Brown
  Hershal Brown and His Washboard Band
  Hylo Brown
  Jim Ed Brown
  Jim Ed and Maxine Brown
  Joann Brown
  Joe (Little Joe) Brown
  Joe (Papa Joe) Brown and The Happy Wanderers
  John Brown
  Kenny Brown
  Marti Brown
  Maxine Brown
  Milton Brown and his Musical Brownies
  Milton Brown and Musical Cowboys
  Nellie Brown
  Phyllis Brown
  Ray Brown
  Thomas Brown
  Virgil Brown
  Vivian Brown
  Wally Brown and the Gang
  Walter (Brownie) Brown *
  Windy Brown
  W. Frank Brown (Dr. Billie) *
  Brown Eyes
  Dottie Brown Eyes
  Reno Browne
  Bill Browning
  Dalton Bruce
  Ed Bruce
  Vin Bruce
  Al Brumley
  Albert Brumley
  Tom Brumley
  Cliff Bruner and His Texas Wanderers
  Dick Bruning
  Marion Bruno
  Connie Brunsvold *
  Leizeme Brusoe
  Ann S. Bryan *
  Harry Bryan
  Boudleaux Bryant
  Doc Bryant and his Oklahoma Roughnecks
  Donnie Bryant
  Felice Bryant
  Gary Bryant
  Hoyt (Slim) Bryant and His Georgia Wildcats
  Jimmy Bryant
  Larry Bryant
  Raymond (Loppy) Bryant
  Clato Buchanan
  Dick Buchanan *
  Goober Buchanan *
  Ted Buchanan
  Wes Buchanan
  Cousin Louie Buck
  Gary Buck
  Buffalo Bills
  Johnny Buffington
  Herman Horsehair Buggfuzz
  Dorothy Bull
  Larry Bull
  Jim Bulleit
  Lois Bullington
  Norman Bullock
  Samantha Bumgarner *
  Samantha Bumgarner and Eva Davis
  Aunt Bunie
  Dave Burges and the Desert Aires
  Wilma Burgess
  Johnny Burke *
  Shorty Burke
  Glen Burklund
  Johnny Burnat
  Little Kentucky Burnel
  Bill Burnett
  Johnny Burnette *
  Smiley Burnette
  Smiley Burnette and the The Sunshine Girls
  Archie Burns *
  Country Boy Eddie Burns *
  Eddie Burns
  Freddie Burns and his Ranch Boys
  Happy Hal Burns
  Jewell Burns and Charles Tillman *
  Kenneth (Jethro) Burns
  Sonny Burns *
  Henry Burr
  Neal Burris
  Dave Burrows
  Jimmy Burson
  James Burton
  John Burts *
  Buzz Busby
  Helen Bush
  Johnny Bush
  Lincoln (Don) Bush
  Billy Bushell
  Paul Buskirk
  Jimmie Busler
  Hi (High Pockets) Busse
  Dwight Butcher
  Buz Butler *
  Carl and Webster Brothers and Butler
  Carl Butler
  Carl and Pearl Butler
  Gerry Butler
  Jackie Butler and his Playmates
  Larry Butler
  Pearl Butler *
  Ellis Butler Jr. *
  Hillous Butrum *
  Bobby Buttram
  Pat Buttram
  Ida A. Byran
  Billy Byrd
  Jerry Byrd
  Paul Byrd *


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