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Rusty Marion
KMBC Brush Creek Follies
KMOX Old Fashioned Barn Dance
KOMA Bluff Creek Round Up
KOMA Oklahoma City, OK

About The Artist

Rusty Marion started his career on WDZ, a station located in Tuscola, Illnois in the early 1930s. Later on he moved to other well known stations and also appearing on their live jamboree / barn dance type radio broadcasts. About 1946, he was on KMOX radio in St. Louis, Missouri.

Rusty replaced a legend on KMOX radio as a singing emcee on the Barnyard Follies show, Pappy Cheshire who was known as the "Grand Old Man of Radio". The Barnyard Follies was being aired over the CBS network, too.

At one time he had earned the title of "The Sagebrush Crooner" because of his "velvet-toned voice" and a "knack for singing the sweet and smoother type of western ballads."

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