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Ernie Lee
Born:  April 12, 1916
Died:  May 23, 1991
Renfro Valley Barn Dance
Sohio Hayride
WHIO Dayton, OH
WJR Detroit, MI
WLW Cincinnati, OH
WSUN St. Petersburg, FL

Ernie Lee Ernie Lee, a native of Berea, Kentucky, was said to be "...tall, blonde and laconic.". His singing style was described as a mix of Burl Ives, Perry Como and Singin' Sam.

Ernie Lee got his start in radio back in 1940 when the host of the Plantation Party show, Red Foley, got sick and couldn't perform. The manager of the show picked Ernie out of the audience to take Red's place and he was on his way. He was on that show for over four years and once won a popularity poll when he got over 14,000 votes.

Later on, he left the small towns and headed up to Detroit, Michigan to try his luck. The urban audiences fell for his "...authentic rendition of ballads."

Ernie came to WLW early in 1947 and a 1948 article noted that he had built up a following that was "...nothing short of phenomenal". He was doing several shows back then. He would do the "Ernie Lee Show" that was on five days a week at 1:00pm. He also appeared weekly on the WLW Midwestern Hayride that aired at 6:30pm EST. He also had a Sunday show, "The Ernie Lee's Omega Show" which was broadcast over 62 southern radio stations on the Mutual Broadcasting network from 3:00pm to 3:15pm EST.

Back on August 14 and 21, 1948, Ernie Lee guested on WSM's Grand Ole Opry. He sang three of his current favorites that he had out at the time, "You Never Grow Too Old To Learn", "Kentucky Means Paradise To Me", "Deep Water".

Credits & Sources

  • Jamboree Magazine; October 1948; Western Song Club; Ventura, CA.
  • Jamboree Magazine; November 1948; Western Song Club; Ventura, CA
  • Country Song Roundup No. 12, June 1951, Charlton Publishing Corp., Derby, CT.
  • Portions of Discography Listing courtesy of Hillbilly Reasearcher Team; Tricker, Turner and Sax

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Rec. No. Side Song Title
  3031/3032 A My Little Pup With The Patent Leather Nose
  3031/3032 B Tried And Found Guilty
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  6289 A No, No, Joe
  6289 B If You've Got The Money, I've Got The Time
  6294 A It Is No Secret
  6294 B In A Land Where The Angels Sing
  6308 A Your Train
  6308 B Crazy Game Of Love
  6369 A Tried And Found Guilty
  6369 B Doggone Long Gone Blues
  6384 A I'm Not Lonesome Anymore
  6384 B Don't Think It Ain't Been Fun Dear, Cause It Ain't
  6395 B I'm Always Longing For You Baby
  6405 A Ukulele Baby
  6405 B I'm In A Kissing Mood
  6411 A One Little Candle
  6411 B I Feel It In My Soul
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  11517 A How Come You Never Answer
  11517 B Hangin' My Heart
  11613 A I'll Never Stand In Your Way
  11613 B Wrong Number
  11695 A I've Got My Heart On A Budget
  11695 B Left Over Kisses
RCA Victor
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  20-2438 A I Miss A Little Miss
  20-2438 B Hominy Grits
  20-2439 A Waiting For The Postman
  20-2439 B Take It Easy Now
  20-2645 A Easy To Please
  20-2645 B Tomorrow's Just Another Day To Cry
  20-2731 A False Alarm
  20-2731 B There’s Only One Kind Of Red In The Red White And Blue
  20-2877 A That’s What She Wrote
  20-2877 B You Never Grow To Old To Love
  20-3084 A Love Me Now Or Never
  20-3084 B My Mother’s Eyes
  20-3233 A Every Doggone Time
  20-3233 B That Girl Belongs To Somebody Else
  21-0005 A The Last Time I Saw Mary
  21-0005 B Arkansas
  21-0023 A The Gods Were Angry With Me
  21-0023 B I Never Saw Maggie Alone
  21-0064 A Keep Walkin'
  21-0064 B Pray,Pray,Pray
  21-0093 A You Can't Pick A Rose
  21-0093 B One, Two, Three, Four
  21-0151 A My Home Is The Dust Of The Road
  21-0151 B You're Next To Heaven
  21-0170 A Second Hand Heart
  21-0170 B Headin' Home
  21-0341 A Tormented
  21-0341 B I'm A Lonesome Man
  48-0058 A Keep Walkin'
  48-0058 B Pray,Pray,Pray
  48-0092 A You Can't Pick A Rose
  48-0092 B One, Two, Three, Four
  48-0158 A My Home Is The Dust Of The Road
  48-0158 B You're Next To Heaven
  48-0182 A Second Hand Heart
  48-0182 B Headin' Home
  48-0341 A Tormented
  48-0341 B I'm A Lonesome Man

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