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Who Rosalie Allen
What Pioneer of country in the city - Rosalie Allen
When September 29, 2003
Where Van Nuys, CA

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By David Hinckley

(New York) Daily News Staff Writer

Rosalie Allen was a poor girl from Appalachia who made her mark on New York City in the unlikeliest of places: country music radio.

From the summer of 1944 until 1956, Allen was the hostess of "Prairie Stars" on WOV, a show so popular she parlayed it into nightly live shows at the Village Barn, a national radio show, a local TV show, an Armed Forces Radio Network show and her own country music record shop, Rosalie Allen's Hillbilly Music Center on W. 54th St.

Who says there's no place for country music in New York?

Allen died last Wednesday in California, reports Al Krtil of the Western Music Association, which has kept Allen's musical legacy alive. She was 79 and had been suffering from congestive heart failure.

At a time when there were almost no featured female artists anywhere in country music, Allen was one of the busiest performers around. Besides the radio show, she was also an active recording artist, appearing on the Grand Ol' Opry and other prominent shows. She often teamed up with Elton Britt, who like Allen was known for yodeling, and she played in the first country show at Carnegie Hall, in 1947.

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