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 Who International Country Music Day; Hank Williams
 What 17th September, INTERNATIONAL COUNTRY MUSIC DAY; Hank Williams 80th Birthday
 When September 17, 2003
 Where World Wide
 Source CMA-Spain

Since CMA-Spain sent to its proposal about the International Country Music Day last July, the answer of the radio professionals, mass media, artists, fans and associations has been incredible, with a generalized and enthusiastic acceptance of the idea. With no doubt, a greater welcome than we could have imagined. The number of friends who adds to the proposal is growing up, from Argentina to the United States, including countries like Germany, or France and, of course, Spain, lots of professionals and fans have supported us to continue uniting to all those that loved music country, celebrating this special day, that coincides with the anniversary of the birth of Hank Williams.

Great artists support the celebration of this new event in the country music calendar:

"Itís a good idea. I like it. There are great country music fans everywhere. And great groups of country music. Some people think that country music is only made in the US but I have realized that there are incredible groups in places like France or Germany. Itís great that all those country music fans could celebrate together this feeling".
(Gail Davies)

"Itís wonderful! I believe that everything thatís made to promote country music and bring it to more people, is good. Itís sensational that the country music fans worldwide have a nexus in common. And in addition, Hank Williams!!"
(Heather Myles)

The 17 of September is getting closer, the INTERNATIONAL COUNTRY MUSIC DAY. This year and in coming years celebrate with all the country music fans worldwide that special day, that can make a wonderful miracle: that when country music sounds thereíll be no borders, no distance, no languajes, only the country music feeling... And Hank Williams!

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