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Who Felice Bryant
What 'Rocky Top' composer Felice Bryant dies at 77
When April 23, 2003
Where Nashville, TN

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'Rocky Top' composer Felice Bryant dies at 77

By PETER COOPER Staff Writer

From Rocky Top to Bye, Bye Love and Wake Up Little Susie, Country Music Hall of Famer Felice Bryant had a hand in writing some of the enduring classics of American popular music.

Mrs. Bryant, who with late husband Boudleaux Bryant comprised perhaps the most significant songwriting team in country music history, died yesterday morning at her home in Gatlinburg. She was 77 and had been diagnosed with cancer.

The Bryants' songs helped define the careers of Little Jimmy Dickens, the Osborne Brothers and other artists. The couple's creations were integral to the success of The Everly Brothers, who scored with the aforementioned Bye, Bye Love and Wake Up Little Susie, and with Sleepless Nights, Problems, Poor Jenny and Take A Message To Mary.

"Without Boudleaux and Felice, we wouldn't have had any musical success," Phil Everly said. "We'll miss her."

Mr. Bryant died in 1987 at age 67.

If the Everly Brothers recordings are the Bryants' best-known songs in 49 states, it's Rocky Top that is ubiquitous in Tennessee. Popularized by the Osborne Brothers in 1968, the up-tempo tale of a bucolic hill town has for three decades been a rallying cry for University of Tennessee athletic programs.

Rocky Top became one of Tennessee's official state songs in 1982, and it's surely the only state song in America that refers to a moonshine still.

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