Monday, May 19, 2008


New Award: Ernest Tubb Mentor Award

Howdy Hillbilly Music Fans,

A thought came to us while trying to watch the Academy of Country Music Awards show Sunday night from Las Vegas. We applaud the ACM for renaming their prestigious lifetime achievement award the Cliffie Stone Pioneer Award.

But that got us to thinking, especially watching the 'new' up and comers. I think the ACM calls it Most Promising New Vocalist/Group. The CMA calls it the New Horizon award.

But listen up. In all of our research, emails and correspondence, we can't help but notice something. Ernest Tubb. Ole Ernest went out of his way it seems time after time, year after year to give the younger, local talents exposure not only when his personal appearances took him to a local venue, but also on his clear-channel powered Saturday night show - the Midnight Jamboree. For some, it may have been the pinnacle of their career, a long-cherished memory. For others, it gave them that needed boost to be heard in front of a wider audience.

So, CMA or ACM - isn't it time for an "Ernest Tubb Mentor Award" that would go to the person or group who has done the most during the year to provide opportunities to the new generation of performers who will someday become favorites of the fans? Who is making the effort to give those folks a chance on a regular basis?

To paraphrase a well known phrase of Ernest's - be better to your new entertainers and you'll have better entertainers...

It's time for an Ernest Tubb Mentor Award. Shine the light on those who give back and lend a hand.


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