Tuesday, July 06, 2004


Jean LaVergne (Gene LaVerne), Long Time Entertainer and Radio Personality

Jean R. LaVergne, of 13 Rachael Circle, Goffstown, longtime entertainer and radio personality died Tuesday, July 6, 2004 in Concord. He was the first born of the late Aurore (Cote) LaVergne and Uldaige (Dan) LaVergne.

Fresh out of high school, 'Gene LaVerne' (as he is best remembered), began his country and western singing career from the studios of WHEB, Portsmouth, NH. The year was 1941. During the ensuing 62 years, Gene appeared with and worked along side such greats as Roy Rogers, King of the Cowboys and Smiley Burnett. After years of working on the road with Roy and the group Gene decided to come back to NH. He accepted the job offer of managing the Lone Star Ranch, which was located in Reed?s Ferry, NH. During the next several years Gene focused on bringing the best country and western artists to perform for the thousands of people who came from all over New England to see and hear their favorite entertainers such as Johnny Cash, The Carter Family, The Sons of the Pioneers and many other artists who were delighted with this young man's ability to 'emcee' as well as perform with the best of them.

Gene LaVerne
(1924 - 2004)

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