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Rhythm Wranglers

About The Group

This group of five folks decided to get together in 1954 to form the Rhythm Wranglers. They were a determined group from the outset that kept on trying. The story goes they knocked on the door of a local television station but no one would take the time to give them a listen. Not to be deterred, the group went out and got a sponsor for a one-time only show. Then they knocked on the door of the station again. By that time they had put in a few rehearsals and this time the station management took a listen to their show and gave them a contract.

They had a weekly Wednesday night show that was called the "Downstate Jamboree". The Rhythm Wranglers made a hit with their audiences as the article we found mentions they got over 350 letters after one telecast. It appears this show was on WTUP in Springfield, Illinois every Wednesday night from 8:30pm to 9:30pm.

No mention was made of the female in the middle of the photo. It may be that she was the fan club president, Donna Koleske, that was mentioned in the article.

Timeline and Trivia Notes

Group members included:

  • Bill Burns, leader, guitar
  • Rio Dial, violin
  • Leon Brouton, accordion
  • Gene Eckes, bass

Credits & Sources

  • Cowboy Songs No. 41 (June 1955); American Folk Publications, Inc.; Derby, CT.

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