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Jones Girls
WLS National Barn Dance

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Back in 1945, Julie and Judy (Jones) were on WLS and appearing on shows such as the National Barn Dance. They were from West Virginia. Back in the mid-1930's, per Ivan Tribe's "Mountain Jamboree", they were some of the few West Virginia artists to be recording. On top of that, they were said to have a style that was reminiscent of Millie and Dolly Good of the "National Barn Dance". They got a recording contract with Bluebird and were on WLS and WLW at one time.

The WLS Family Album in 1946 mentions that the picture shows them in their plaid dresses that had been mentioned frequently. They were said to have done their own sewing, as their mom taught them back in West Virginia. They also claimed to be good cooks, but the WLS folks said they never got to sample that, but knew they could do singing well.

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