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Hillbilly-Music.com needs your help. If you recognize who's in the picture, do us a favor and click on the link below the photo or the photo and send us an email. If you have any other details you can provide about the person or people in the picture - let us know.

We'll list the photos that fans like you help us identify and list your name as a way of saying thanks and giving you credit for helping us out.

Photo 6002

Who Is That
This one has generated several responses, and after posting the answer, someone wrote us and told us the identity of the last person in the picture. The folks in this picture are, from left to right: On the mandolin is Dick Morgan; the fiddle player is probably Herb Adams (compare his picture here to the photo we have for Herb and Kay Adams on the site); the fellow with the moustache is Bill Callahan, who played bass and did comedy, of the Callahan Brothers; the guy with the guitar at the far right is Ray Whitley. Mr. Kevin Coffey indicates that this appears to be from when Ray Whitley was working on the east coast around 1947-8, recording for the Cowboy record label. Several people spotted Bill Callahan in this photo.

Hillbilly-music.com wishes to say 'thanks' to Kevin Coffey, Deborah Vaughn, Rolf Samuels, "David" and Wayne W. Daniel for helping us identify the folks in this photo.


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