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Who Jody Miller
What 'Queen of the House' singer Jody Miller dead at 80
When October 6, 2022
Where Blanchard, OK

"Queen of the House" country singer Jody Miller has died. She was 80.

Miller died on Thursday in Blanchard, Oklahoma, from complications related to Parkinsonís disease, Fox News Digital confirmed.

Millerís first single "He Walks Like a Man" hit the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1964. She went on to win a Grammy Award for one of her biggest hits, "Queen of the House," the following year.

In 1966, the country music star became the second female to win the best country performance by a female at the Grammys. Dottie West was the first recipient of the award in 1965.

"Jody Millerís talent cannot be overstated. She had this innate, God-given ability to interpret and communicate with the most beautiful tones and inflection," Millerís rep, Jennifer McMullen, shared in a press release. "She made it look and sound so easy that it sometimes takes a moment to realize the greatness of what you are hearing. But she was just as authentic and exceptional in her own life as she was on stage and on record."

Miller released several hits in the Ď60s and í70s, including "Home of the Brave," "Long Black Limousine," "Baby Iím Yours," Thereís a Party Goiní On," "Darling, You Can Always Come Back Home" and the Grammy-nominated single, "Heís So Fine."

In the '80s, Miller retired from touring to spend time with her husband, Monty Brooks, and their daughter, Robin. Miller and Brooks wed in 1962 and were married until Brooks died in 2014.

Miller rededicated her life to Christ as a born-again Christian in the '90s and started her own gospel music ministry. Through her ministry, she recorded six gospel albums. Miller was also inducted into the International Country Music Hall of Fame.

Following her husband's death, Miller began performing with her daughter, Robin Brooks Sullivan, and grandchildren Montana and Layla Sullivan as the group "Jody Miller and Three Generations."

The group released a single in 2018, "Where My Picture Hangs On the Wall." As Jody battled Parkinsonís disease, she recorded her final song in 2020 for an upcoming project "Wayfaring Stranger."

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