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What Hillbilly-Music.com Ends 2012 Reaching 25,000,000 Web Page Views Milestone
When January 1, 2013
Where Modesto, CA
Released January 1, 2013

Modesto, CA - January 1, 2013 - Hillbilly-Music.com is celebrating the achievement of a new milestone in its web site traffic - the attainment of over 25,000,000 web page views.

The number of page views on the site continues to increase as we get new material posted as one might expect. In fact, in 2012, the number of pages viewed on the site increased over 84%! The number of pages being viewed by user has also increased by 98%.

The fan mail we get attests to the work we are doing. A constant theme we hear is that they found the site and spent hours clicking through the names they remember from their life's experiences. Most gratifying is the expression of 'thanks' we get for preserving the memories of those entertainers from the past.

We continue to strive to find ways to have the fans find the music after they've discovered the entertainers. We've added links to the British Archives of Country Music and will continue to add other sources to enable the fans to obtain the music of these artists of a bygone era whose music is still finding an audience in the modern era.

Hillbilly-Music.com continues to make contacts and provide assistance to various journalists and authors, including reference material, answers to inquiries, enabling contacts, search for information from our exclusive index of publications, song folios, sheet music, newsletters. This search index is used in our research and enables us to readily find information by a simple search and click on page numbers to read the documents. To date, over 40,000 pages have been scanned, saving wear and tear of the older, more fragile publications.

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