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Who Hillbilly-Music.com; Ernest Tubb Record Shop
What Hillbilly-Music.com Record Breaking 2008 - 7,000,000 Web Page Views; Affiliation with Ernest Tubb Record Shop
When January 4, 2009
Where Modesto, CA
Released January 4, 2009

Modesto, CA - January 4, 2009 - Hillbilly-Music.com is celebrating the achievement of a new milestone in its web site traffic - the attainment of over 7,000,000 web page views. It seems like only a few months ago the site had reached its previous milestone of 5,000,000 page views.

Hillbilly-Music.com attributes this sustained growth to the constant delivery of new content and information about the various artists, groups, programs, disc jockeys and books that keeps the fans coming back time and again.

Fan mail attests to the fact that fans enjoy rekindling their memories of their favorite artists and programs. Time and again we receive comments to the effect that they've spent many an hour clicking around the site and enjoying the musical history.

Further, in an attempt to provide fans with the ability to acquire the music that they've discovered or are wanting to rediscover again, the site became the first official affliate with the legendary Ernest Tubb Record Shop in headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. This affiliation is similar to the Amazon associates program where through clicks from our site that result in a purchase provide a small commission to help offset our expenses.

We were pleased to include this affiliation as we realize that no one site could carry all of the older, traditional country music that fans read about on this site and hear samples of. The only choice then is to strive to become a hub where fans can discover other sources to find the music.

Hillbilly-Music.com continues to make contacts and provide assistance to various journalists and authors, including reference material, answers to inquiries, enabling contacts, search for information from our exclusive index of publications, song folios, sheet music, newsletters. This search index is used in our research and enables us to readily find information by a simple search and click on page numbers to read the documents. To date, over 4,800 pages have been scanned, saving wear and tear of the older, more fragile publications. To date, over 1,350 publications have been indexed. We continue to index our collection; it is by no means a completed project, but an ongoing effort that pays off in reduced efforts in research and answering inquiries.

2008 Hillbilly-Music.com Web Site Highlights:

  • The number of unique website visitors each month increased 7.7% over the previous year of 2007
  • The number of web page views in 2008 increased over 30% over 2007
  • Visits to the individual 'Artists' pages increased over 33% from 2007
  • Visits to the 'Groups' pages increased nearly 50% compared to last year
  • Visits to the 'Programs' pages increased over 30% compared to 2007
  • Affiliations with Amazon.com and the Ernest Tubb Record Shop to enable fans to obtain books and music related to that documented on the site

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