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What Hillbilly-Music.com Reaches Another Milestone - 5,000,000 Web Page Views; Issues The Lists for 2007
When January 12, 2008
Where Modesto, CA
Released January 12, 2008

Hillbilly-Music.com Reaches Another Milestone - 5 Million Web Page Views

Top Pages Visited in 2007 Announced

Dusty Owens, DeZurik Sisters, Ken Berryhill, WWVA Original Jamboree Top the Lists for 2006

Modesto, CA — Hillbilly-Music.com announced today another record setting year for 2007.

The milestones keep coming one after other. In 2006, the site reached the 3,000,000 web page view mark late in the year; in 2007, the site went beyond that milestone and almost doubled it - reaching the 5,000,000 web page view milestone. New content is always being added to the site; the increasing numbers of people coming back more than once each month continues to rise.

We repeat what we have said each year: the Hillbilly-Music.com web site has no demographics - we think that the music crosses all generations and is there for all to enjoy - the people, their music and the history. Its our slogan, but in one sense it is our focus as well.

We salute the disc jockeys, whether on the air or on the web who mention our site, who find our site and let us know of their shows. We will continue to let fans know about those disc jockeys and shows who are playing the classical country music that this site is dedicated to.

We would also like to express our appreciation to the journalists, authors and country music historians who help us when we make inquiries or provide us with information. It is a pleasure to work with such like-minded people who are unselfish in their assistance and sharing of knowledge and insight. Some of have been with us from the start when we created this vision for the site and stuck with us as it grew and evolved. Recalling the segment of an old television show, we offer you a heartfelt 'salute!' and thanks.

Hillbilly-Music.com continues to gain exposure and recognition in other areas as well. In 2007, the web site continued to be a source for authors and journalists, being cited or providing information for books, magazine and newspaper articles as well as web based publications. Some included the recent book by Tony Russell, Country Music Originals; a PBS special on Les Paul's career in the summer of 2007—Les Paul - Chasing Sounds. We are aware of a few books in the works due for publication in 2008 or later. The site also enjoys another niche - sellers on eBay find the web site and use the knowledge on the web site to better market the items related to the artists of a bygone era. (We receive no commission when they do so.)

Hillbilly-music.com has added a music store as an affiliate of Amazon.com. The long term goal has always been to connect fans to the music. We link to the artist web sites, to other third party sites and now, to Amazon.com's site. We will not limit our site to one site or affiliation to enable the fans to find the music. We know that one site or store cannot meet the fan's demands. We will continue to add ways the fans can obtain the music of the people they see documented on this site.

In closing, we wish to salute those who made the history that we try and document on the web site. Many of the writeups the fans see on the web site are based on interviews and correspondence with the artists themselves. We also thank the families of the artists who graciously provide us with material and information about their relatives as well as notifying us when their famed relative has passed on to Hillbilly Heaven. We like to think of the web site as a friendly general store or your own family kitchen. You just never know who is going to stop by for a spell and tell you their part in the history of what we affectionately and respectfully call, hillbilly music.

The People.
The Music.
The History

Contact information:
P.O. Box 576245
Modesto, CA 95357-6245

Hillbilly-Music.com's Round-Up for 2006
Top Artist Pages Visited 2007

Dusty Owens
Ernest Tubb
Randy Atcher
Carl Smith
Stoney Edwards
Bobby Lord
Roy Acuff
Gene LaVerne
Hugh X. Lewis
Tommy Riddle
Vernon Dalhart
Verne Koenig
Glenn Sutton
Rem Wall
Jerry Byrd
Wayne Raney
Texas Bill Strength
Mitchell Torok
Johnny Rion
Mervin J. Shiner
Jimmie Skinner
Danny Dill
Elton Britt
George Goebel

Top Groups Pages Visited 2007

DeZurik Sisters
Hank and Hiram
Masters Family
Cedar Hill Square Dancers
Johnson Sisters
Pell Brothers
Dean Brothers
Amburgey Sisters
Lonnie and Lottie
Sons of the Pioneers
The Westerners
Korn Kobblers
Tennessee Ramblers
Miccolis Sisters
Akins Birmingham Band
Cumberland Ridge Runners
Girls of the Golden West
Lulu Belle and Scotty
Hoosier Sod Busters
Jamup and Honey
Bailey Brothers
Prairie Ramblers
Blue Valley Boys
Rangers Quartet

Top Disc Jockey Pages Visited 2006

Ken Berryhill
Carl (Squeakin' Deacon) Moore
Tommy Sutton
Rosalie Allen
Don Larkin
Charlie Douglas
T. Tommy Cutrer
Ralph Emery
Randy Blake
George Menard
Bill Mack
Jim Reeves
Hugh Cherry
John Lair
Johnny Hicks
Joe Rumore
Joe Allison
Ramblin' Lou Shriver
Grant Turner
Sunshine Sue
Nelson King
Charlie Walker
Cottonseed Clark
Cliffie Stone
Paul Simpkins
Uncle Len Ellis
Nelson Bragg

Top Program Pages Visited 2007

WWVA Original Jamboree
WLW Midwestern Hayride
KWKH Louisiana Hayride
WSM Grand Ole Opry
WLS National Barn Dance
Lee Mace's Ozark Opry
WMMN Sagebrush Roundup
Hometown Jamboree
Town Hall Party
Renfro Valley Barn Dance
KRLD Big D Jamboree
WSB Barn Dance
WRVA Old Dominion Barn Dance
WNAX Missouri Valley Barn Dance
KSTP Sunset Valley Barn Dance
KWTO Ozark Jubilee
CHML Main Street Jamboree
WCHS Old Farm Hour
WCOP Hayloft Jamboree
WHO Iowa Barn Dance Frolic
Brown County Jamboree
Hayloft Frolic
WBAM Deep South Jamboree
WAPI Alabama Hayloft Jamboree
KFTV Red River Jamboree
KMA Country School
Hollywood Barn Dance

Top News / Releases Pages Visited 2007

  • Hillbilly-Music.com Reaches 3,000,000 Web Page Milestone; The Lists for 2006
  • Site In The Spotlight in Country Music Magazine's 30th Anniversary Issue
  • 38 Bluegrass and Family Bands to be Featured at 29th Old Time Music Festival...
  • Fans Make Their Voices Known for Country Music Hall of Fame Inductees
  • Cy Coben — hit songs spanned genres
  • Mack Magaha, 'Dancing Fiddle Man' dies
  • Longtime 'Opry' star Del Reeves dies at age 73
  • 27th National Old Time Country & Bluegrass Music Festival and Pioneer Exposition...
  • New Englanders Among National Honorees Inducted Into Mid-West Hall of Fame
  • Legendary Bluegrass Musician Releases First Solo Album of His 40 Year Career
  • Academy of Country Music Honors Bill Monroe With Pioneer Award
  • August/September Events To Support Our Troops
  • Canada's Cowboy Troubadour, Stu Davis, Dies at 85
  • Live Performances From The Legendary Grand Ole Opry To Be Relased in New CD Series
  • The Stanley Brothers - The Definitive COllection Box - Set Coming Soon!
  • Modesto Gospel Opry - Chester Smith
  • Quanah Talmadge Tubb, Nephew of Ernest Tubb; Wrote 'Waltz Across Texas'
  • Hit Songwriter Glenn Sutton, 69, Dies
  • Obituary: Jack Morrow
  • Tom Morrell: 1938-2007; Steel Guitar Hall of Fame
  • Patricia Mims, Singer (Wife of Slim Mims)
  • Steel Guitarist Hal Rugg Dies
  • Minnis Taylor of the Taylor Brothers, Passes Away in Detroit, Michigan
  • Singing Cowboy Randy Atcher Dies
  • Joe Ridings, Lead guitarist for Tammy Wynette Dies
  • Top Library Pages Visited 2007

  • Ring Of Fire; The Johnny Cash Reader
  • Grand Ole Opry
  • A Century of Country Music
  • Old-Time Fiddler's Repertory
  • A History and Encyclopedia of Country...
  • Cash Family Scrapbook
  • Among My Klediments
  • Coal Miner's Daughter
  • Sing a Sad Song - Life of Hank Williams
  • Best Jokes Minnie Pearl Ever Told
  • Classic Country - Legends of Country Music
  • Tex Ritter: AMerica's Most Beloved Cowoby
  • Bus Fare to Kentucky...
  • Buddy Starcher Biography
  • Sing Your Heart Out Country boy
  • Country Music Encyclopedia
  • Roy Acuff's Musical Collection At Opryland
  • Fifty Years Down A Country Road
  • A Satisfied Mind - The Country Music LIfe of Porter Wagoner
  • Hank Snow Story
  • Opry Stars of the 60's and 70's
  • Not Too Old To Cut The Mustard - Bill Carlisle
  • I Walk The Glory Road - Redd Harper
  • Country Music Annual 2002
  • One Armed Banjo Player - Emory Martin
  • Jimmie Rodgers - Life and Times of America's Blue Yodeler
  • Hillbilly Heaven Roll Call 2007

    Time is no friend and continues its steady march and the familiar names leave the stages here for audiences in hillbilly heaven. But their music, history and memories will live on for us to enjoy. We remembering those who left the earthly stage in 2007...

    Del Reeves (1933 - 2007)
    Talmadge Tubb (1921 - 2007)
    Doyle Holly (1936 - 2007)
    Ennis Taylor (? - 2007)
    Evan Kemp (1928 - 2007)
    Stu Davis (1921 - 2007)
    Glenn Sutton (1937 - 2007)
    Jack Morrow (1918 - 2007)
    Patti Faye Mims (1934 - 2007)
    Zag Pennell (1923 - 2007)
    Devvy Davenport (1927 - 2007)
    James (Roberts) Carson (1918 - 2007)
    Boots Randolph (1927 - 2007)
    Lawton Williams (1922 - 2007)
    Cliff Japhet (1909 - 2007)
    Harry Weger (1927 - 2007)
    Janis Martin (1940 - 2007)
    Dee Clark (1946 - 2007)
    Porter Wagoner (1927 - 2007)
    Hank Thompson (1925 - 2007)
    Chickie Williams (1919 - 2007)
    John Hughey (1933 - 2007)
    Sophia Germanich (1911 - 2007)
    Dean Eacker (1916 - 2007)
    Margie Lane (? - 2007)
    Winifred Gleysteen (Doring Sisters) (1900 - 2007)

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