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The Rambling Aces
KPAC Port Arthur, TX

About the Group

About The Group

Country Music fans may recognize a name or two from this group that was appearing every Saturday afternoon from 4:00 to 5:00pm over KPAC out of Port Arthur, Texas. The leader of the band was Huey Meaux, who also did their emcee chores. As many radio acts did back then, they made numerous personal appearances in Port Arthur and the surrounding areas.

Timeline & Triva Notes

Group Members
  • Huey Meaux, leader, emcee
  • Harry Trahan, accordion
  • Roland Ledet, guitar
  • Hayward Doucet, fiddle
  • Amos Deville, steel guitar
  • Jerry Guidry, drums

Credits & Sources

  • Folk and Country Songs; Vol 3 No. 12; July 1958; American Folk Publications, Inc.; Derby, CT