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Chore Boys
WLS National Barn Dance

About the Group

About The Group

The Chore Boys were some of the busiest musicians on the National Barn Dance, providing backup for the artists from rehearsal until sign-off.

Back then, Jimmy was just a senior at Purdue, majoring in Forestry.

Augie's wife was Mary Jane Klein, one of the original DeZurik Sisters from Royallton, MN

Chore Boys
Left to right, Augie Klein, Jimmie Hutchinson, Tony Nix and John Frigo.

Timeline and Trivia Notes

Group Members included:

  • Johnny Frigo, violin
  • Jimmy Gross, steel guitar
  • Les Schein, string bass
  • Augie Klein, accordion
  • Jimmie Hutchinson, guitar (1955)
  • Tony Nix, string bass (1955)