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Mainer's Mountaineers

Sorry to say we don't have anything here for you to read about Mainer's Mountaineers. That's either because we haven't got it finished or we haven't found anything about this artist yet.

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  8887 A He Gave His Life
  8887 B Precious Jewel
  8990 B Old Reuben
Montgomery Ward
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  4710 A Where The Red Red Roses Grow
  4710 B Maple On The Hill Pt.2
  4711 A City On The Hill
  4711 B Lights In The Valley
  4712 A Don't Cause Mother's Hair To Turn Grey
  4712 B Satisfied
  4713 A Bring Me A Leaf From The Sea
  4713 B Brown Eyes
  4714 A This World Is Not My Home
  4714 B Ship's Sailing Now
  4715 B Broken Hearted Blues
  4716 A Write A Letter To Mother
  4716 B Searching For A Pair Of Blue Eyes
  4717 A Fatal Wreck Of The Bus
  4717 B One To Love Me
  4718 A Mother Came To Get Her Boy Back From Jail
  4718 B Just As The Sun Went Down
  4719 A Going To Georgia
  4719 B Come Back To Your Dobie Shack
  7001 A I Am Walking In The Light
  7001 B When I Reach My Home Eternal
  7002 A Behind The Parlor Door
  7002 B Goin' Back West In The Fall
  7003 A New Lost Train Blues
  7003 B Number 111
  7004 A Going Down The River Of Jordan
  7004 B I've Got A Home In The Rock
  7005 A The Longest Train
  7006 A Watermelon On The Vine
  7006 B Johnson's Old Grey Mule
  7007 B Walk That Lonesome Valley
  7008 A On A Cold Winter Night
  7008 B John Henry Was A Little Boy
  7009 A Seven And A Half
  7009 B I Won't Be Worried Long
  7091 A Cowboy's Pony In Heaven
  7091 B They Said My Lord Was A Devil
  7092 A Won't Somebody Pal With Me?
  7092 B Been Foolin' Me, Baby
  7127 A Little Rosebuds
  7127 B Little Birdie
  7128 A Short Life And It's Troubles
  7128 B In The Land Beyond The Blue
  7129 A Train Carry My Gal Back Home
  7129 B I've Always Been A Rambler
  7130 A I'm Starting Life Anew With You
  7130 B A Change All Around
  7131 A Why Do You Bob Your Hair, Girls?
  7131 B Hop Along Peter
  7132 A I'll Be A Friend Of Jesus
  7132 B Just One Way To The Pearly Gates
  7133 A Dear Daddy, You're Gone
  7133 B I Miss My Mother And Daddy
  7134 A What Would You Give In Exchange
  7134 B Sleep On, Departed On
  7300 A We Can't Be Darlings Any More
  7300 B Tell Mother I'll Meet Her
  7301 A Answer To Greenback Dollar
  7301 B In A Little Village Churchyard
  7302 A Swing The Door Of Your Heart Open Wide
  7302 B Carry Your Cross With A Smile
  7303 A There's A Green Hill Far Away
  7303 B Floating Down The Stream Of Time
  7304 A You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone
  7304 B Don't Go Out
  7305 A Kiss Me Cindy
  7305 B Don't Get Trouble In Your Mind
  7307 B Answer To Two Little Rosebuds
  7452 A I'm Living The Right Life Now
  7452 B Lamp Lighting Time In Heaven
  7453 A When The Light's Gone Out In Your Soul
  7453 B Your Best Friend Is Always Near
  7454 A Just Over In The Glory Land
  7454 B I'm In The Glory Land Way
  7455 A Somebody Cares
  7455 B Great Reaping Day
  7456 A I Once Loved A Young Man
  7456 B If I Lose Let Me Lose
  7457 A Back To Johnson City
  7457 B Oh Why Did I Ever Get Married
  7480 A Lonely Tomb
  7480 B All My Friends
  7481 A Don't Get Too Deep In Love
  7481 B Pale Moonlight
  7482 A Don't Leave Me Alone
  7482 B I Won't Be Worried
  7483 A Where Romance Calls
  7483 B Since I Met My Mother-In-Law
  7484 A Mitchell Blues
  7484 B Another Alabama Camp Meeting
  7559 A She Is Spreading Her Wings For A Journey
  7559 B Life's Evenin' Sun
  7560 A Farther Along
  7560 B Home In The Sky
  7561 A Dear Loving Mother And Dad
  7561 B If I Had Listened To Mother
  7562 A That Kind
  7562 B Can't Tell About These Women
  7564 B The Same Old You And Me
  7565 B You're Awfully Mean To Me
  7880 A Concord Rag
  7880 B I'm A Poor Pilgrim
  7881 A Country Blues
  7881 B Drunkard's Hiccups
  7882 A Sparkling Blue Eyes
  7882 B We Will Miss Him
  7883 A I Left My Home In The Mountains
  7883 B I Met Her At A Ball One Night

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