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The Musical Keeners
KFTV Red River Jamboree

About The Group

Back in 1957, the Keeners were on "The Red River Jamboree" out of Paris, Texas over radio station KFTV that broadcast on Saturday nights from 8 to 11pm. The Cowboy Songs article mentions that Lloyd and Mary were engaged to each other to get married.

We had the pleasure of hooking up with a former cast member of the KFTV Red River Jamboree who told us a few more details about this group.

The Musical Keeners were a family act that were led by their father, CLinton Keener and included his son, Glenn David Keener and his daughter, Yvonne Keener. The Musical Keeners also made up the core of what would be termed the house band as they backed many of the other entertainers that appeared on the show.

Timeline and Triva Notes

Group members included:

  • Glenn David, 16 year old, electric guitar
  • Yvonne, piano, accordion and vocals
  • Clinton, rhythm guitar
  • Mary Wright, vocalist
  • Lloyd Ferguson, fiddler
  • Jack Beard, drums

Credits & Sources

  • Cowboy Songs Vol. 6, No. 54, December 1957; Americn Folk Publications.

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