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About The Group

This quartet of entertainers was pretty popular in the midwest judging by their appearances on KMBC's Brush Creek Follies out of Kansas City, Missouri as well as WLS' National Barn Dance out of Chicago.

They were said to have played various types of musical styles, including western, hillbilly and the popular 'swing' music of the mid to late 1940's with arrangements like the modern dance band.

They had a daily show at 5:30pm over KMBC called "Western Echoes" where they did 'unusual arrangements of novelty numbers, current popular songs and western favorites'. They also had a featured part in the CBS network shows called "Nighttime on the Trail". Not to mention being on the Brush Creek Follies and a part of the Dinner Bell Roundup show that was on each day at noon.

Timeline and Trivia Notes

Group members included:

  • Ray Hudgens, leader and played violin, clarinet and saxophone
  • Val Tatham, sang baritone; played guitar and banjo
  • Andy Anderson, sang tenor; played accordion, piano and organ
  • Howard Smith, sang bass; 'slapped' the bass fiddle, and played the trumpet, too

Credits & Sources

  • Song and Picture Barn Dance Magazine No. 3, 1947, published by Song and Picture Barn Dance Magazine, Chicago, IL, Ed Deuss, Editor.

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