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Maddox Brothers and Rose
KTRB Modesto, CA

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Careless Driver

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

4 Star
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1184 A Midnight Train
  1184 B Careless Driver
  1185 A Milk Cow Blues
  1185 B I Couldn't Believe It Was True
  1209 A Whoa Sailor
  1209 B Navajo Maiden
  1210 A Mean And Wicked Boogie
  1210 B Sweet Little You
  1239 A Flowers For The Master's Banquet
  1239 B Tramp On The Street
  1271 A Time Nor Tide
  1271 A Time Nor Tide
  1271 B Gosh, I Miss You All The Time
  1271 B Gosh, I Miss You All The Time
  1288 A New Muleskinner Blues
  1288 B Brown Eyes
  1289 A Sunset Trail
  1289 A Philadelphia Lawyer
  1289 B Sunset Trail
  1289 B Philadelphia Lawyer
  1301 A When God Dips His Love In My Heart
  1301 B Who At My Door Is Standing
  1322 A Honky Tonkin'
  1322 B Last Night I Heard You Crying In Your Sleep
  1326 A Dear Lord Take My Hand
  1326 B Gardens In The Sky
  1328 A At The First Fall Of Snow
  1328 B On The Banks Of The Old Poinchartrain
  1369 A Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me
  1369 B George's Playhouse Boogie
  1398 A Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down
  1398 B You've Been Talking In Your Sleep
  1399 A I'm Sending Daffydills
  1399 B Mule Train
  1400 A Silent Night
  1400 B Jingle Bells
  1440 A Just One Little Kiss
  1440 B I Love The Women
  1458 A Choc'late Ice Cream Cone
  1458 B A Rose From The Bride's Bouquet
  1473 A We Are Climbing Jacob's Ladder
  1473 B He Will Set Your Fields On Fire
  1507 A Water Baby Blues
  1507 B Chill In My Heart
  1527 A It's Only Human Nature
  1527 B Oklahoma Sweetheart Sally Anne
  1540 A Dark As A Dungeon
  1540 B Faded Love
  1549 A Pay Me Alimony
  1549 B New Step It Up And Go
  1553 A If We Never Meet Again
  1553 B How Can You Refuse Him Now
  1570 A Shimmy Shakin' Daddy
  1570 B No One Is Sweeter Than You
  1577 A Rock All Our Babies To Sleep
  1577 B South
  1586 A I Want To Live And Love
  1586 B I Wish I Was A Single Girl Again
  1596 A Eight-Thirty Blues
  1596 B Your Love Light Never Shown
  1604 A Detour # 2
  1604 B I'll Still Write Your Name In The Sand
  1618 A Texas Guitar Stomp
  1618 B Country Bugle Boy
  1626 A I Just Steal Away And Pray
  1626 B I'd Rather Have Jesus
  1633 A Meanest Man In Town
  1633 B Rosalie By The Rio
  1639 A I'll Fly Away
  1639 B The Land Where We'll Never Grow Old
  1657 A Momma Says It's Naughty
  1657 B Old Pal Of Yesterday
  1664 A I'll Never Do It Again
  1664 B I've Stopped My Dreaming
  1671 A You've Been Talking In Your Sleep
  1671 B Baby You Should Live So Long
  X-27 A In A Land Where We'll Never Part
  X-27 B I'll Fly Away
  X-29 A Cowboy Bugle Stomp
  X-29 B Texas Guitar Stomop
  X-37 A Precious Memories
  X-37 B Dust On The Bible
  X-51 A I Just Steal Away And Pray
  X-51 B I'd Rather Have Jesus
  X-67 A Rosalie By The Rio
  X-67 B Meanest Man In Town
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  20924 A Coquita Of Laredo
  20924 B I'll Make Sweet Love To You
  20955 A I'll Make Sweet Love To You
  20955 B Wedding Blues
  21016 A Coquito Of Laredo
  21016 B Take These Shackles From My Heart
  21062 B The Hiccough Song
  21099 A Empty Mansions
  21099 B Green Grow The Lilacs
  21270 A A Kiss From Your Lips
  21270 B My Child Has A Billy Goat
  21375 A I Gotta Go Get My Baby
  21375 B A Rusty Old Halo
  21426 A Just Over The Stars
  21426 B Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown?
  21513 A It's A Dark, Dark Place
  21513 B Away This Side Of Heaven
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  28478 A Jingle Bells
  28478 B Silent Night
  28551 B Why Not Confess
  28784 B The Unclouded Day
  29279 A Yes, He Set Me Free
  29279 B Gonna Lay My Burden Down

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