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Arthur (Tiny) Stowe
Born:  March 22, 1901
Died:  March 20, 1962
WLS National Barn Dance
KTAT Fort Worth, TX
WLS Chicago, IL

About The Disc Jockey / Emcee

He was called "Tiny" because the truth is, he wasn't. A native Texan, was a veteran at newspaper and radio work. Some of his experience included working as assistant city editor of the Dallas, TX Times Herald, manager of radio station KRLD and the Southwest Broadcasting System. KSTP in St. Paul, MN was one of his stops. He was also continuity editor at WSM in Nashville. And while attending Southern Methodist University (SMU), played football.

They said he was probably happiest at WLS when he was producing a 'minstrel show.' He was said to be skilled in writing the dramatic sketches.

Hada jolly, good-natured personality that also transmitted itself over the air.

—From WLS Family Album 1934, Published by WLS, the Prairie Farmer Station, 1230 West Washington Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois

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