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Harold Safford
Born:  June 5, 1897
Died:  October 18, 1960
WLS National Barn Dance
WLS Chicago, IL

About The Disc Jockey / Emcee

Harold was a program director for WLS and also one of the emcees for the Barn Dance radio show at one time. At the time the picture was taken you see here - he had a daughter completing her third year of college. He and his wife also had two other daughters.

In his spare time, he played the fiddle.

Harold started with WLS in 1927; that was before Prairie Farmer owned the station. He also served as Publicity Director and Chief Announcer for three years. He returned in 1935 as Program Director and was also Sales Manager at one time.

Married, wife was named Mabel; had four children and one grand child at least. They said Harold's career in broadcasting dated back to almost the beginning of radio.

—From WLS Family Albums, Published by WLS, the Prairie Farmer Station, 1230 West Washington Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois

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