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Uncle Len Ellis
Born:  February 28, 1928
Died:  January 14, 2018
Country Music DJ Hall of Fame (1983)
WAYK Valparaiso, IN
WJOB Hammond, IN
WLJE Valparaiso, IN

About The Disc Jockey / Emcee

Uncle Len as his audience knows him has had a long steady career in the country music field. The old webmaster of this site can remember hearing him on WJOB in Hammond, Indiana way back when. He was usually the master of ceremonies at the package shows of hillbilly artists at the Hammond Civic Center in the 1950's.

Later on, the webmaster moved on to college at Valparaiso University. And what did he discover on a little FM station called WLJE (Leonard J. Ellis was his name, now remember) none other than Uncle Len who had a morning show to listen to. He also promoted some shows at the Merrillville Indiana Holiday Star Theatre, too. We remember seeing Slim Whitman in person of all people. And he was even gracious enough to put that concert on his station one day when we were listening and we even recorded it.

The picture we have here, is from our family collection.

Trivia / Timeline Notes

  • Held fort at WJOB in Hammond, Indiana
  • Owned his own station in Valparaiso, IN, WLJE
  • Promoted shows at the Hammond Civic Center and also Holiday Star Theatre in Merrillville

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