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George C. Biggar
Born:  January 11, 1899
Died:  March 19, 1989
WLS National Barn Dance
WLS Chicago, IL (1924)
WLW Cincinnati, OH (1938)

About The Disc Jockey / Emcee

Was program director and created programs on WLS. Per the Family Album notes, he was supposed to have time to think and plan, but they never found out when he did it. Back in 1934, they wrote he was 'one of the old-timers' in radio. Early on, helped to plan the Barn Dance and the Dinnerbell Program. Heard only occasionally on the air, his work was what you heard whenever you tuned into WLS back then.

From WLS Family Album 1934, Published by WLS, the Prairie Farmer Station, 1230 West Washington Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois.

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