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Hal O'Halloran
Born:  December 23, 1914
Died:  July 31, 1994
WLS National Barn Dance
WLW Boone County Jamboree
WLS Chicago, IL
WLW Cincinnati, OH
WOR New York, NY
KCLW Hamilton, TX (1949)

About The Disc Jockey / Emcee

If you are one of the great throng who listen to WLS in the early morning, you need no introduction to Hal, chief announcer. No matter how glomy the day, or how deep the snowdrifts outside, hal is always on the job with a cheery "Good Morning" to start the day off right.

Besides being the announcer of morning programs, Hal conducted the Saturday Night Barn Dance and on Saturday morning he had a special program for the children, "Daddy Hal's Helpers".

He was trained as a singer, and had a mellow voice that could fill a convention hall and was also an ex-service man, father of two kids, was six feet tall and of Irish descent. It was written that if you would ask him what he is most interested in, he would probably have answered, "Boys and girls."

Known to be up before dawn before almost more than anyone at WLS back in the 1930's era. He greeted listeners at 6am and he was also heard at times to sign the station off with the singing of the "Perfect Day" at midnight on Saturday nights. He was known to sing the sailor songs that he liked. When something didn't work in a program (and they were "live" back then), Hal was known to sing "Asleep in the Deep" until the next number was ready.

On occasion, he would appear with Joe Rockhold who was "Orrie" as one of the "Old-Timers". Was once a pie salesman, started his radio career as a singer and could still sing after his years of announcing on the Barn Dance and the Smile-A-While programs.

From WLS Family Albums, Published by WLS, the Prairie Farmer Station, 1230 West Washington Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois.

Trivia / Timeline Notes

  • Used to drive the fire engine at Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
  • Married, wife's name was Dorothy
  • Son named Hal junior and daugther named Dorothy, who had two kids of her own

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