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Bill C. Malone (Author)
Born:  August 25, 1934

About The Artist

From the first paragraph of the June 2018 issue of Texas Monthy written by Andy Langer.

At 83, Bill C. Malone sees his doctoral dissertation as the gift that keeps on giving. In 1965 he offered up an unorthodox treatise to the University of Texas at Austin’s history department: a thoroughly researched account of country music’s origins and development, from its roots in Southern folk traditions through early incarnations of Nashville’s Music Row. Three years later, UT Press published it as Country Music USA, and subsequent editions of the book have been taught in university courses ever since.

He was asked in that 2018 interview what he hoped newer artists in his updated edition would learn a bit more about the artists at the beginning of his book.

I sure do. There’s still so little sense of history in country music. I’ve been sort of an unofficial consultant to the Country Music Hall of Fame, in Nashville, part of a group of people making suggestions about the pioneers. You can tell, when you throw out a name like Bradley Kincaid, the Kentucky Mountain Boy, that [the selection committee] has never heard of him. They mostly haven’t heard of anybody prior to Hank Williams. So when they add new people to the Hall of Fame, it tends to be the ones who made relatively recent contributions. I just wish there was more historical consciousness.

He is the original host of a radio show called "Back to the Country." His facebook page previews each show's theme. The weekly show has a rotating set of hosts with Bill and Bobbie Malone hosting the 4th week.