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Dick Morgan
Hayloft Frolic
WLBC Hoosierland Barn Dance

About The Artist

Dick Morgan was said to be a veteran performer who was a native of Kentucky. In the early to mid-1950s, his career saw him as part of the Hayloft Frolic troupe that was led by Uncle Bob Hardy. His versatility was such that he was at home at just about any aspect of entertaining an audience including singing, solor in harmony, acting as emcee or playing rhythm guitar.

Uncle Bob Hardy notes that the "rhythm" or the "beat" is the living pulse of Country Music. It's makes the listener "tap his toe". The popular Hayloft Frolic that many a Hoosier came to enjoy was blessed with many such talents, including Dick Morgan, who Uncle Bob considered one fo the best.

We learn that Dick could sing just about any type of country tune, whether it be uptempo, a ballad or waltz. He toured with the Hayloft Frolic as it made its way to fans in southern Indiana and eastern Illinois. His versatility wasn't limited to just singing or playing the guitar; he often joined in the various comic routines that were a part of what made the Hayloft Frolic a real 'stage show'.

Prior to joining the Hayloft Frolic, Dik was working around the Indianapolis area with such groups as the Sunset Serenaders and the Wabash Ramblers.

When Dick left Uncle Bob's show, he joined up with the Hoosierland Barn Dance over WLBC and Shorty Sheehan. He later recorded with Lattie Moore. His career took him to Nashville where he became a studio musician and recording with such stars as Charlie Louvin of the Grand Ole Opry.

In the 1960s, Dick was working with the Mike Freeman Trio and the Lenny Wilson Trio.

As 2007 rolls around, Dick can be found semi-relaxed back in Indianapolis, but his voice and guitar are still active and very much in demand.

Credits & Sources

  • Hillbilly-Music.com wishes to express its appreciation to Uncle Bob Hardy for providing his recollection of Dick's career.
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