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Uncle Louie
WTAQ Green Bay, WI

About The Artist

We don't know his real name, but Uncle Louie was the leader of a large troupe of entertainers at WTAQ in Milwaukee, Wisconsin back in 1944 or so. They were known as the Town Hall Players. When Uncle Louie wrote his letter to the editor in 1944, they had already been at WTAQ for over three years.

Uncle Louie told the editors that prior to their arrival at WTAQ, they worked in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. And before that, they entertained audiences in LaCrosse, Wisconsin for three years.

There were ten people in the troupe. They put on three act comedy plays. And musical entertainment was provided by the group they called "The Rangers".

Uncle Louie told the readers that their personal appearances took them just about everywhere and then some and would sometimes work seven days a week. They had their own radio show that aired every morning at 7:00am for half an hour except on Sundays.

Uncle Louie said they loaded the group into a large Chrysler station wagon that pulled a trailer that had all their equipment and wardrobe. He mentinoed their car was painted in a 'maroon color' that made for a 'flashy appearance'.

Uncle Louie mentioned some of the group - there was Slim and Curly, who were formerly known as The Drifters; The Gillis Boys and himself of course. He mentioned they had a steel guitar, spanish guitar, accordion, drums, buck fiddle and a 'few novelties'.

Credits and Sources

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