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Slim Mays
and his Buckaneers
WMMN Sagebrush Roundup

About The Artist

Slim Mays was actually Debs Eugene Mays, born in Bell County, Kentucky way back in 1913. He got his name at WMMN because he was just about six feet and a half inches tall.

They mentioned in the WMMN Family Album of 1941 that one of the other members of the group was Robert French Mitchell who was known as Curley Mitchell. He was born in Buffalo, WV and was toiling away on a farm until 1933 where he started working for a radio station in Charleston, WV. Mr. Mitchell appeared on radio for a couple of years with Cowboy Loye's Blue Bonnet troupe.

Credits & Sources

  • WMMN Family Album 1941; Publishers Unknown, but probably WMMN; 1941.