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Joyce Moore
Born:  September 24, 1933
WCPN Middlesboro, KY
WLAC Nashville, TN

About The Artist

Joyce Moore was only twelve years old when in 1945 she appeared over radio station WSIX in Nashville, Tennessee. She was featured on a children's amateur show called "The Little Red School House". Her talents won first prize twice. She had previously lived in Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. She graduated from high school in Sturgis, Kentucky.

By 1953, she was recording for the RCA Victor label and had released a couple of records.

How she got her recording contract is the story often told in the music business. Joyce had a job at the Vanderbilt University library and decided one lunch hour to go to WSM and do an audition. We presume that an appointment had been made before hand. The Solemn Ole Judge George D. Hay, Webb Pierce and Jim Denny (who headed up the WSM Artist's Bureau at the time) all heard her efforts during that audition and liked what they heard which led to Steve Sholes at RCA being contacted. It didn't take long for Steve to get Joyce under contract with RCA.

Credits & Sources

  • Country Song Roundup No. 27; December 1953; American Folk Publications, Inc.; Derby, CT