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Kitty Mann
WCOV Montgomery, AL
WJJJ Montgomery, AL

About The Artist

Kitty Mann was a piano playing hillbilly musician from Alabama. She had a bit of a unique style that they described as a rhythm all of her own. "...She kicks off her shoes, and when her bare foot stomps the piano pedal, the piano, her audience and everything comes alive..." is the way they described her playing in a Cowboy Songs article. They said she learned that 'boogie' beat from the negro family that worked on her father's country farm. She would do 'swingy' spirituals that she learned as a kid and attended many of the negro baptisms in the towns nearby.

When she was just 17 and fresh out of high school, she got her own band together and toured the south and Alabama. She had shows that aired over WJJJ and WCOV in Montgomery, Alabama, too.

She recorded at one time for the King record label, four spirituals at least. And had another of her country songs recorded by Bob Newman also on the King label. Southern DJ's such as Bob Watson who did the "Friday Night Frolics" program over WSB in Atlanta and Joe Rumore on WVOK in Birmingham, Alabama would get requests for her spiritual numbers. Two of them, "Guess I'll Take A Journey" and "Paradise" were written by her.

Kitty also did personal appearances on the same shows with the name acts in the business, too - including Little Jimmy Dickens and also appeared on Wally Fowler's all-night Singing Convention in Montgomery.

The summer of 1952 saw her playing what was described as a successful engagement at the Old Dutch Inn in Panama City Beach in Panama City, Florida.

Credits & Sources

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