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Lake Cely
Born:  September 6, 1931
Died:  January 11, 1964
KRSD Rapid City, SD
WAKE Greenville, SC
WQOK Greenville, SC

About The Artist

If you were in Greenville, South Carolina around 1955 or so, you might have heard "It's gravy soppin' time, youngun's!" over WAKE. That would have been Lake Cely on his "Suppertime Shindig" show. He had a way with words as they indicated that he gave the folks some "cornfed chatter". He had an assistant on the show that he referred to as Miss Bobbie Jean. He sang and announced on the show. At the time, around 1955 or so, he was 23 years old at the time. They said he was writing some tunes then and hopeful of obtaining a recording contract.

Credits & Sources

  • Cowboy Songs No. 41 (June 1955); American Folk Publications, Inc.; Derby, CT.