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Georgia Mae
and her Buckaroos
Born:  April 2, 1921
Died:  July 25, 2014
Massachusetts CMA Hall of Fame
WBZ Boston, MA
WBZ Boston, MA
WORL Boston, MA

About The Artist

Back about 1947 or so, Georgia Mae was known as "The Early Bird Songbird". The name fit at that time, for she was heard every weekday morning bright and early at 6:10am as a feature of the New England Farm Hour. Her popularity was such that she kept busy throughout the year with her personal appearances.

Georgia Mae Georgia Mae

And there shouldn't be any doubt when we say popular. They said she got 14,000 pieces of mail in three weeks time. She would get so much mail and postcards, that she ended up baling them a couple of times and donating them to the "paper salvage" (we would probably say 'recycled' today).

In 1947, they wrote she had been a regular feature on radio station WBZ / WBZA which is out of Boston. They mentioned she had written a few songs and had had a couple published, with a songbook to be published soon, too as she was getting many requests from listeners back then.

Credits & Sources

  • From Song and Picture Barn Dance Magazine No. 3, 1947, published by Song and Picture Barn Dance Magazine, Chicago, IL, Ed Deuss, Editor.