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Colorado Pete
Born:  May 3, 1909
Died:  January 19, 1969
KMBC Brush Creek Follies
WHB Kansas City, MO

About The Artist

Around 1947 or so, Colorado Pete was playing in Kansas City, MO on KMBC's weekly Saturday night show, the Barn Dance Follies.

He was said to have gotten his start from encouragement from friends he would entertain by singing around the proverbial campfire. They urged him to try out for radio and ever since that time, he was entertaining audiences at fairs and theaters around the country.

They wrote back then that one of the veteran artists at KMBC reputedly said that Colorado Pete had a well known smile that Pete claimed had "the biggest gold tooth east of Cripple Creek". Fans grew to call him their 'smilin' cowboy friend' because of the friendly way he handled himself.

He was also a regular performer on KMBC's daily "Early Bird Jamboree" and the "Dinnerbell Roundup", too.

Credits & Sources

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