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Patsy Montana
and The Prairie Ramblers
WLS National Barn Dance

About The Artist

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  9118 A I'm A-Ridin' Up Old Kentucky Mountain
  9118 B The Strawberry Roan
  9119 A High Falutin' Newton
  9119 B You'll Have To Wait Till My Ship Comes In
  9120 A An Old Saddle For Sale
  9120 B Give Me A Straight Shootin' Cowboy
  9192 A You're The Only Star In My Blue Heaven
  9192 B That's Where The West Begins
  9323 A My Million Dollar Smile
  9323 B Back On Montana Plains
  9422 A My Pinto Pony
  9422 B The Moon Hangs Low (On The Ohio)
  9423 A Shy Little Anne From Cheyenne
  9423 B I Want To Be A Cowboy's Dream Girl
  9424 A Leanin' On The Old Top Rail
  9424 B Swing Time Cowgirl
  9678 A Old Nevada Moon
  9678 B My Song Of The West
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  04023 A Cowboy Rhythm
  04023 B Little Sweetheart Of The Ozarks
  04039 A Hide, Wide And Handsome
  04039 B Headin' For The Rio Grande
  04076 A Waltz Of The Hills
  04076 B Rodeo Sweetheart
  04092 A Traveling Man
  04092 B Fetch Me Down My Trusty 45
  04134 A Nobody Loves My Soul
  04134 B Does Jesus Care
  04135 A Big Moon
  04135 B Shine On, Rocky Mountain Moonlight
  04218 A I'll Be Hanged
  04218 B Sixty Seven Gals In Savannah
  04247 A My Dear Old Arizona Home
  04247 B Little Rose Of The Prairie
  04291 A Someone To Go Home To
  04291 B Old Cowboy
  04427 A Lonesome Trail Ain't Lonesome Anymore
  04427 B I've Got A Pocketful Of Dreams
  04469 A Woman's Answer To Nobody's Darling
  04469 B Gold Coast Express
  04482 A The Strawberry Roan
  04482 B High Falutin' Newton
  04518 A The Wheel Of The Wagon Is Broken
  04518 B Give Me A Home In Wyoming
  04568 A That's Where The West Begins
  04568 B You're The Only Star (In My Blue Heaven)
  04601 A Mountain Home
  04601 B Weary Troubled Me
  04672 A I Wonder If You Feel The Way I Do
  04672 B Somebody's Smile
  04689 A A Rip Rip Snortin' Two Gun Gal
  04689 B Singin' In The Saddle
  04690 A Rip Hip Snortin' Two Gun Gal
  04729 A Please Send Me To Jail, Judge
  04729 B They Can't Shoot Me In The Morning
  04742 A I'm Ridin' Up The Old Kentucky Mountain
  04742 B Handsome Joe
  04796 A The Lord Is Watching Over Me
  04796 B Only One Step More
  04868 A Hitch Up The Horse And The Buggy
  04868 B Sour Dough Dan
  04899 A I Just Don't Care Any More
  04899 B Just Because You're In Deep Elm
  04936 A Back In 67
  04936 B You Can't Break The Heart Of A Farmer
  05164 A Old Nevada Moon
  05164 B My Million Dollar Smile
  05217 A My Song Of The West
  05217 B I Wanna Be A Western Cowgirl
  05284 A I'd Love To Be A Cowboy
  05284 B The Moon Hangs Low (On The Ohio)
  05334 A My Poncho Pony
  05334 B Back On Montana Plains
  05426 B Swing Time Cowgirl