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Cowboy Sam Nichols
and the Melody Rangers
Born:  August 31, 1918
Died:  June 12, 2000
KNEL Brady, TX
XEPN Piedras Negras,  (1937)

About The Artist

Cowboy Sam Nichols was born in a town called Eula, Texas and grew to be a six foot tall fellow known for his Texas friendliness. The first few years of his life were spent on a farm.

In 1936, he won first prize in a Chevrolet contest—a singing position over radio station KGKL in San Angelo, Texas. It was about a year later that he moved on to KNEL in Brady, Texas. Another break came his way when he moved on to Eagle Pass and had his own radio show.

Later on, he got himself a gig on XELO in Tiajuana, Mexico. There he was known as "Cowboy Sam, The Old Cowhand From the Rio Grande". But as was the case for many in that era, Cowboy Sam served a three-year stint in the U.S. Navy during World War II.

After he got out of the service, he played various personal appearances at clubs in the Los Angeles, California area.

In 1946, he recorded a tune called "That Wild and Wicked Look In Your Eye", a song he wrote, as well as "I'm Telling You I'm Gonna Tie My Baby To A Hitching Post" and "One-Sided Love" for the Stanchel Recording Company. Those recordings led to a three-year recording contract with the MGM label.

Credits & Sources

  • Cowboy Songs No.28; September 1953, American Folk Publications, Inc.; Derby, CT.

Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  10189 A I'm Free As A Breeze
  10189 B Two Weeks Notice
  10364 A Your Key Don't Fit My Lock Anymore
  10364 B You're Free Again