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Rose Maddox
Born:  December 15, 1926
Died:  April 15, 1998
KWKH Louisiana Hayride
KFBK Sacramento, CA
KTRB Modesto, CA (1937)

About The Artist

Rose Maddox was part of a legendary group, "Maddox Brothers and Rose" as well as a recording star in her own right. She was on the KWKH Louisiana Hayride show during the mid-1950s as well as appearing with her brothers on two daily shows on KWKH. She recorded with her brothers as well as her own solos on Columbia Records back then.

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Sound Sample—(YouTube Video Format)

Loney Teardrops

Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  31227 A Gambler's Love
  31227 B What Makes Me Hang Round
  4296 A I Lost Today
  4296 B I'm Happy Every Day I Live
  4432 A Shining Silver, Gleaming Gold
  4432 B Billy Cline
  4487 A I Want To Live Again
  4487 B Kising My Pillow
  4598 A Conscience, I'm Guilty
  4598 B Lonely Street
  4651 A There Ain't No Love
  4651 B Your Kind of Lovin' Won't Do
  4845 A Tie A Ribbon In The Apple Tree
  4845 B Sing a Little Song of Heartache
  4905 A George Carter
  4905 B Lonely Teardrops
  4975 A Down To The River
  4975 B I Don't Hear You
  5038 A Somebody Told Somebody
  5038 B Let Me Kiss You For Old Times
  5263 A Silver Threads and Golden Needles
  5263 B Tia Lisa Lynn
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  21062 A Little Willie Waltz
  21155 A I'm A Little Red Caboose
  21155 B These Wasted Years
  21171 A Kiss Me Like Crazy
  21171 B Just One More Time
  21215 A Birthday Card Song
  21215 B Breathless Love - Waltz Of The Pines
  21253 A Marry Me Again
  21253 B Poor Little Heart Broken Rose
  21306 A You Won't Believe This
  21306 B Forever Yours
  21333 A I Wonder If I Can Lose The Blues
  21333 B There's No Right Way To Do Me
  21345 A I Could Never Stop Loving You
  21345 B Fountain Of Youth
  21375 A Rusty Old Halo
  21375 B I Gotta Go Get My Baby
  21394 A Wild, Wild Young Men
  21394 B Second Choice
  21419 A Words Are So Easy To Say
  21419 B Humming Bird
  21453 A When The Sun Goes Down
  21453 B Hasty Baby
  21490 A Tall Men
  21490 B Hey Little Dreamboat
  21533 A Buretto Jo
  21533 B False Hearted
  21559 A Death Of Rock And Roll
  21559 B Paul Bunyon Love
  40814 A Your Sweet Mean Heart
  40814 B Looky There Over There
  40873 A Take A Gamble On Me
  40873 B One Two Three Four Anyplace Road
  40948 A Tomorrow Land
  40948 B Old Man Blues
  41047 A I'll Go Steppin' Too
  41047 B Let Those Brown Eyes Smile At Me
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  764 A Gotta Travel On (w/Cal Maddox)
  764 B What Makes Me Hang Around (w/Cal Maddox)
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  895 A Bigger The Pride
  895 B Faded Love