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James O'Gwynn
Born:  January 26, 1928
Died:  January 19, 2011
KWKH Louisiana Hayride
WSM Grand Ole Opry

About The Artist

James was a native of Hattiesburg, MS and was recording for the Mercury record label in the early 1960s.

Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  45-106 A Your Love Is Strong (But Your Heart Is Weak) (w/His Cry Babies)
  45-106 B Ready For Freddy (w/His Cry Babies)
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1006 A Talk To Me Lonesome Heart
  1006 B Changeable
  1022 A Blue Memories
  1022 B You Don't Want To Hold Me
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1386 A Bubbling Over
  1409 A Eleven Years Ago
  1429 A I Won't Live Here Anymore
  45-1350 A Red Light On My Heart
  45-1350 B Back In Baby's Arms
  45-1386 A Bubbling Over
  45-1386 B One Drink Is Too Many (And A Hundred's Not Enough)
  45-1409 B Running For Your Love
  45-1429 B What Can Any Man Do
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  71127 A I Cry
  71127 B Do You Miss Me
  71231 A Another Fallen Tear
  71231 B House of Blue Lovers
  71234 A Two Little Hearts
  71234 B You've Always Won
  71419 A How Can I Think Of Tomorrow
  71419 B Were You Ever A Stranger
  71452 A Trying TO Forget You
  71452 B Take The Last Look
  71513 A Easy Money
  71513 B Tears Of Tomorrow
  71640 A You're Too Easy To Remember
  71640 B I Won't Love You Anymore
  71731 A House Of Blue Lovers
  71731 B Another Falling Tear
  71864 A Too Much Of You
  71864 B Your Heart
  71935 A My Name Is Mud
  71935 B You're Getting All Over Me
  72008 A What Do You Want From Me
  72008 B Does He Mean That Much To You
  72053 A Don't We All Have The Right
  72053 B That's How It Is (When You're Lonesome)
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  2020 A Love In An Old Fashion Way
  2020 B Bottle Talk
  2023 A I Wish You Wuz My Darling But You Ain't
  2023 B Love Made Me Slave
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  PL 109 A Gotebo
  PL 109 B Queen of Every Honky Tonk
  PL 115 A Singing In The Jungle
  PL 115 B If I Could Sing A Country Song (Exactly Like George Jones)
  PL 122 A We Love Her (w/Rusty Adams)
  PL 122 B (Unknown - Possibly Not Released)
  PL 130 A Tender Years
  PL 130 B Talk To Me Oh Lonesome Heart
  PL 138 A One Night Gone
  PL 138 B Loving With A Memory
  PL 147 A Rings On The Bar (w/Rita Remington)
  PL 147 B Honky Tonk Angels And Sweet Loving Wives (w/Rita Remington)
  PL 164 A The Sock It To Her Song
  PL 164 B If I Could Get One More Hit
  PL 181 A Color Of The Blues
  PL 181 B Swinging Doors
  PL 83 A House of Blue Lovers
  PL 83 B If Tomorrow Ends Like Today
  PL 94 A Country Song
  PL 94 B I'm The Mail She's Waiting For
  PL 98 A Country Song
  PL 98 B Shade Tree Fix-It Man
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  617 A Changeable
  617 B Talk To Me Lonesome Heart
SSS International
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  712 A It's Not The Best Way To Live
  712 B Queen of Every Honk-E-Tonk
  GTS-431 A House of Blue Lovers
  GTS-431 B My Name Is Mud
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  266 A Losing Game
  266 B If I Never Get To Heaven
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  SR 309 A Love Power
  SR 309 B You Slipped Away
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  ST 288 A I'll Warm By The Flame
  ST 288 B I Know You Don't
  ST 365 A One Bar Stool At A Time
  ST 365 B Scene Of My Latest Sin
United Artists
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  UA 690 A Cupid's High Powered Rifle
  UA 690 B Power Of A Lie
  UA 755 A Heart Storm
  UA 755 B Genevieve
  UA 802 A I"ll Meet Me Leaving
  UA 802 B A Different Story