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Uncle Dave Macon
Born:  October 7, 1870
Died:  March 22, 1952
Country Music Hall of Fame (1966)
WSM Grand Ole Opry

About The Artist

They described him as "one of the most picturesque of the Old-Time Singers" on the Grand Ole Opry. Uncle Dave Macon was probably the first major star on the Opry, who styled himself as "The Dixie Dewdrop."

He really was a site to behold. Imagine a plug hat, gold teeth, gates-ajar-color chin whiskers, an enormous watch chain and three banjoes.

His son, Dorris Macon, accmpanied him on many of their "rollicking numbers".

We've barely scratched the surface of Uncle Dave's career, so consider this just an introduction.

Credits & Sources

  • The Vagabonds, Herald, Dean, Curt, Old Cabin Songs No. 3; Forster Music Publisher, 1934, Chicago, Illinois.

Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  5842 A One More River To Cross
  5842 B When The Harvest Days Are Over
  5873 A I'll Tickle Nancy
  5873 B Keep My Skillet Good And Greasy
  5926 A Just One Way To The Pearly Gate
  5926 B Over The Mountain
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  112 A Death Of John Henry
  112 B On The Dixie Bee Line
  113 A Never Make Love No More
  113 B Diamonds In The Rough
  114 A Cross Eyed Butcher And The Hen
  114 B Hold On To The Sleigh
  263 A Governor Al Smith
  263 B Comin Round The Mountain (w/John McGhee)
  266 A Worthy Of Estimation
  266 B The Gal That Got Stuck On Everest
  292 A I'm The Child To Fight
  292 B Buddy, Won't You Roll Down The Line?
  329 A Over The Road I'm Bound To Go
  329 B From Earth To Heaven
  340 A New Coon In Town (w/Sid Harkreader)
  340 B Uncle Dave's Travels - Part 1 (Misery In Arkansas)
  349 A Over The Mountain
  349 B Uncle Dave's Travels Pt.2
  355 A Uncle Dave's Travels Pt.3
  355 B Tennessee Jubilee
  362 A Since Baby's Learned To Talk
  362 B Uncle Dave's Travels Pt.4
  425 B Coming Round The Mountains (w/John McGhee)
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  5369 A Don't Get Weary, Children (w/Sam McGee)
  5369 B He's Up With The Angels Now (w/Sam McGee)
  5373 A Thank God For Everything (w/Sam McGee)
  5373 B When The Train Comes Along (w/Sam McGee)
Montgomery Ward
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  4819 A When The Harvest Days Are Over
  4819 B One More River To Cross
  7347 A The Bum Hotel
  7347 B All In Down And Out Blues
  7348 A Honest Confession Is Good For The Soul
  7348 B Fame Apart From God's Approval
  7349 A From Jerusalem To Jericho
  7350 A Travelin Down The Road
  7350 B Two In One Chewing Gum
  7458 A He Won The Heart Of Sarah Jane
  7458 B Country Ham And Red Gravy
  7459 A Things I Don't Like To See
  7459 B Working For My Lord
  7460 A Wait Till The Clouds Roll By
  7460 B They're After Me
  7461 A Summertime On The Beeno Line
  7461 B My Daughter Wished To Marry
  7462 A Peek-A-Boo
  7462 B Beautiful Love
  7463 A Railroadin' And Gamblin'
  7463 B Cumberland Mountain Deer Race
  7884 A Give Me Back My Five Dollars
  7884 B She's Got The Money Too
  7885 A Johnny Grey
  7885 B The Gayest Old Dude That's Out
  8029 A He's Up With The Angels Now
  8029 B Don't Get Weary, Children
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  05001 B Uncle Dave's Beloved Solo
  05001 B Deliverance Will Come
  05002 B Wouldn't Give Me Sugar In My Coffee
  05002 B Arcade Blues
  05003 A The Old Man's Drunk Again
  05003 B In The Good Old Summertime
  05004 A Something's Always Sure To Tickle Me
  05004 B In The Good Old Days Of Long Ago
  05005 A Sourwood Mountain Medley
  05005 B In The Old Carolina State
  05006 A Sassy Sam
  05006 B Stop That Knocking At My Door
  05007 A Shout Mourner, You Shall Be Free
  05007 B My Girl's A High Born Lady
  05008 A I Don't Care If I Never Wake Up
  05008 B Them Two Gals Of Mine
  05009 A I Ain't Got Long To Stay
  05009 B We Are Up Against It Now
  05010 A Sho' Fly, Don't You Bother Me
  05010 B Ain't It A Shame To Keep Your Honey Out In A Rain
  05011 A Uncle Ned
  05011 B Braying Mule
  05012 A Diamond In The Rough
  05012 B Hold On To The Sleigh
  05013 B Kissin' On The Sly
  05013 B Tossing The Baby So High
  05014 B Cross Eyed Butcher And The Cackling Hen
  05014 B Never Make Love No More
  05040 B I'm Going Away To Leave You
  05040 B She's Always Chewing Gum
  05041 B Keep My Skillet Good And Greasy
  05041 B Papa's Billie Goat
  05042 B Bile Dem Cabbage Down
  05042 B Down By The River
  05043 A Fox Chase
  05043 B The Old Maid's Last Hope
  05046 A Jonah And The Whale
  05046 B Little Old Log Cabin Down The Lane
  05047 A Soldier's Joy (w/Sid Harkreader)
  05047 B Love Somebody (w/Sid Harkreader)
  05051 A Hill Billie Blues
  05051 B All I've Got's Gone
  05060 A Run Nigger Run
  05060 B I Don't Reckon It'll Happen
  05061 A Old Ship Zion
  05061 B Old Dan Tucker
  05062 A Down In Arkansas (w/Sid Harkreader)
  05062 B The Girl I Left Behind Me (w/Sid Harkreader)
  05065 B Watermelon Smiling On The Vine
  05067 B From Jerusalem To Jericho
  05067 B All Go Hungry Hash House
  05070 A Save My Mother's Picture From The Sale
  05071 A Muskrat Medley
  05071 B Rooster Crow Medley
  05075 B Just From Tennessee
  05081 B Arkansas Travelers (w/Sid Harkreader)
  05081 B Going Across The Sea
  05095 A I've Got The Mourning Blues
  05095 B Last Night When My Willie Came Home
  05096 A Death Of John Henry, Steel Driving Man
  05096 B On The Dixie Bee Line
  05097 A Rise When The Rooster Crows
  05097 B Way Down The Old Plank Road
  05098 A The Bible's True
  05098 B He Won The Heart Of Sarah Jane
  05099 A Whoop 'Em Up, Cindy
  05099 B Only As Far As The Gate, Dear Ma
  05100 A Poor Sinners, Fare You Well
  05100 B Just Tell Them That You Saw Me
  05104 A In A Cool Shady Nook
  05104 B Old Ties (W/Sam McGhee)
  05109 A I Tickled Nancy
  05109 B Station Will Be Changed After Awhile
  05149 A In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree
  05149 B I'll Never Go There Any More
  05159 A Poor Old Dad (w/Sam and Kirk McGee)
  05159 B Molly Married A Traveling Man
  05163 B Roe Hire Poor Gal
  05163 B When Reuben Comes To Town
  05164 B Got No Silver Nor Gold Blues
  05164 B Backwater Blues
  05165 A Tom And Jerry
  05165 B Go Along Mule
  05172 A More Like Your Dad Every Day (w/Sam and Kirk McGee)
  05172 B You've Been A Friend To Me (w/Sam and Kirk McGee)
  05261 A The Coon That Had The Razor
  05261 B The New Ford Car
  05316 A Jesus Lover Of My Soul
  05341 A Mister Johnson (w/Sid Harkreader)
  05341 B Farm Relief (w/Sid Harkreader)
  05356 A Man That Rode The Mule Around The World (w/Sid Harkreader)
  05356 B Life And Death Of Jesse James (w/Sid Harkreader)
  05374 A We Need A Change In Business All Around (w/Sid Harkreader)
  05374 B For Goodness Sake Don't Say I Told You So (w/Sid Harkreader)
  05380 B Darling Zelma Lee (w/Sid Harkreader)
  05380 B Susie Lee (w/Sid Harkreader)
  05397 A Put Me In My Little Bed (w/Sid Harkreader)
  05397 B Hush Little Baby, Don't You Cry
  15033 A Old Ship Of Zion (w/Sid Harkreader)
  15033 B Old Dan Tucker (w/Sid Harkreader)
  15320 A Death Of John Henry
  15320 B On The Dixie Bee Line
  15323 A Whoop'em Up Cindy
  15323 B Only As Far As The Gate, Dear Ma