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Zena Mai Jones
Born:  April 17, 1907
Died:  January 17, 1945
WSM Grand Ole Opry
WSM Nashville, TN

About The Artist

Wanda Saylor and Wilkens EZC Ranch Gals Show Zena Mai Jones (who was born in Macon, Georgia) was a popular pianist on the staff of radio station WSM in the 1920's. She appeared on the WSM Grand Ole Opry on November 13, 1926. She did have her own show during the week on WSM.

She would accompany others on their programs on WSM. For example, radio logs showed she accompanied tenor Gaston Wiley on Monday, July 18, 1927.

E. B. Craig of the National Life and Accident Insurance Company presented Indian singer, Chief Kiutus Tecumseh to the student body at Central High. He commended the school's stenographers that were sent him for their excellent work. He sang "Pale Moon" and "Indian Love Call"; he was accompanied by former Central High student, Zena Mai Jones on the piano. Even the Solemn Old Judge himself, George D. Hay, participated in a skit with the Chief.

Speaking of Mr. Hay, a column by J. W. West, Jr. in the Nashville Banner revealed that Zena was Mr. Hay's secretary.

She married Floyd Adkisson at Behtel Primitive Baptist Church on Wednesday, November 28, 1934. She died on January 17, 1945 at the age of 37 of pulmonary tuberculosis.

Credits and Sources

  • Central High School of Davidson Observes Student Activity Day; Woodard Oden; February 19, 1928; Nashville Banner; Nashville, TN
  • Tuning In; J. W. West, Jr.; April 30, 1930; Nashville Banner; Nashville, TN

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