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Juanita (Honey Gal) Walker
Born:  October 6, 1920
Died:  November 9, 2003
WMC Memphis, TN
WWSW Pittsburgh, PA

About The Artist

She was the daughter of Billie Walker. Her mother led the group, Texas Longhorns. Several country stars worked with Billie early on in their careers such as Doc Williams and Big Slim, the Lone Cowboy.

Juanita was known to music fans as "Honey Gal". She was born in Amarillo, Texas.

She made her first stage appearance at the Brynmar Theatre in Chicago, Illinois when she was just three, arond 1923. She won a dancing contest and that sparked an interest in becoming an entertainer.

When she was nine years old (we presume around 1929), her mother arranged an audition at radio station WWSW in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She got over some initial stage fright, passed the audition and radio fans were then introduced to Juanita as Honey Gal, her childhood nickname.

She told fans in one of Billie's early booklets that she had a sister who was two years younger than her.

In spite of the amount of traveling that her family endured during those years, she did manage to graduate from high school in 1938.

A 1941 article mentions that a guitar player by the name of Hank Huggins was working with Billie's group at radio station KWFT and was married to Honey Gal.

Credits & Sources

  • Billie Walker's Booklet No. 2; 1939; Billie Walker and Jackie Boy Pennington
  • Mountin Broadcast and Prairie Recorder; September 1941; Rialto Music Publishing Corp.; 1674 Broadway; New York, New York

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