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Jalene Joyce
Born:  February 8, 1936
Died:  October 3, 2019
Hayloft Frolic

About The Artist

Jalene Joyce, native of Deer Creek, Indiana, made her singing debut at the very tender age of three years old in her home town.

Jalene later learned to play the accordion and began her musical career with her sisters, known then as the Three J's. The girls were a regular, featured act at the Shady Acres Ranch show. Their talents took them throughout the midwest and appeared on such shows as Uncle Bob Hardy's Hayloft Frolic show that aired out of Bloomington, Indiana.

As one might do in this day and age, we found a newspaper article that mentioned Jalene and her sisters in one of those columns that look back in time. The Carroll County Comet in December 2005 mentioned that the three Joyce sisters, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Joyce of Washington Township (Indiana), had been invited to appear at a function called "Share the Fun Breakfast" being held at the Conrad Hilton Hotel in Chicago on December 1, 1955. The article mentions the names of the sisters - Jalene, Janet and Joetta.

In 1957, Uncle Bob asked the talented accordion player to accompany the Hayloft Frolic troupe to entertain the United Nations forces in Japan and Korea and later for an encore tour in Germany. Her vocals and 'squeeze box' talents were a popular feature during those tours.

Upon return to the United States, Jalene decided to form her own group, an all female act called "Jalene's Cowboy Sweethears" and appeared at such venues as the Flame Cafe in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Her career also saw her as a long time member of the Nick Kostas Trio that worked regularly at the Hyatt Hotel in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Jalene still continues her musical career to this day, not only performing, but also teaching aspiring new talents.

Credits & Sources

  • Hillbilly-Music.com wishes to express its appreciation to Uncle Bob Hardy for providing his recollection of Jalene Joyce's career and a photograph.
  • Carroll County Comet; December 7, 2005; Looking Back - 50 Years Ago; Flora, Indiana

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