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Freddy Helms
Born:  May 26, 1931
Died:  July 9, 1988
Hayloft Frolic

About The Artist

Freddy Helms was the brother of Bobby Helms, who recorded such classic tunes as "Jingle Bell Rock" and "You Are My Special Angel".

He worked with his brother for a time on Uncle Bob Hardy's Hayloft Frolic show that originated from Indianapolis, Indiana. While the Hayloft Frolic cameras and spotlights were on his singing brother, Bobby, it was the steady rhythmic hands of Freddy Helms on the guitar that set the pace for his soon to be famous brother.

Uncle Bob noted that this quiet member of the Hayloft Frolic was acclaimed as one of the very best rhythm guitarists in the country music business back then. He notes, such "side" musicians were said to "put the twinkle in the stars".

In addition to providing the rhythm and beat behind his vocalist brother, Freddy was a solid member of both of Uncle Bob Hardy's Happy Valley Folks and the Hayloft Frolic.

Freddy Helms is now entertaining his audiences as part of that big band in the sky.

Credits & Sources

  • Hillbilly-Music.com wishes to express its appreciation to Uncle Bob Hardy for providing his a biography of Scotty's career.

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