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Kay Adams
Born:  April 9, 1941

About The Artist

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Charles Alva and Mae Adams gave birth to Kay in April of 1941. The family was living on a farm near Vera, TX (shown today as an unincorporated area of Texas). She was what they call a 'typical tomboy' following her brother JImmy around fishing and swimming. Her father then moved the family to Vernon, TX where he worked in the oil fields.

Her father played the fiddle during gatherings - at barbecues or watermelon cuttings; she was right there to sing along. She got to learn the words to many of the songs because her dad would buy the country music magazines, such as Country Song Roundup or Cowboy Songs. The Adams family eventually grew to include another brother for Kay and two sisters.

In 1964, she injured her leg while mowing the lawn, an injury that resulted in an infection and almost caused her to lose her leg. During that time, the family moved to Bakersfield, CA. It was said she was rather distraught, thinking she would not find or hear any country music there. But she was soon watching a daily country music show on TV. That show inspired her to battle to get back on her feet and get out into the word again. And she did. She went down to the station and auditioned for the show. She had met Cliffie Stone and Dusty Rhodes (who became her manager). Eventually she got to meet Buck Owens and she was signed to the OMAC Artist Corporation and recorded her first record in October 1965. She began touring with the Buck Owens show in 1966.

Promo Ad - Ron-D-Voo Club - Porterville, CA - Kay Adams - March 1966
Promo Ad - Museum Club - Flagstaff, AZ - Kay Adams - September 1967

Promo Ad - Buck Owens Show - Kay Adams - Billboard - December 1966
Promo Ad - OMAC Artist Corporation - Kay Adams - Billboard - September 1968

KLOC Country Concert - Buck Owens Show - Turlock Fairgrounds - Turlock, CA - Kay Adams - May 1966
Promo Ad - KGUC Country Radio - Buck Owens Show - Santa Barbara, CA - Kay Adams - Buck Owens - Tommy Collins - Merle Haggard - Bonnie Owens - Red Simpson

Kay Adams - Jim Nabors - Feb 1966 - Southern California Country and Western Music Academy Awards Show On February 28, 1966, the inaugural Southern California Country and Western Music Academy Awards were handed out at the Hollywood Palladium in fron of 1,200 attendees. This would be the forerunner to today's Academy of Country Music (ACM) organization. Buck Owens won top Male Vocalist while Bonnie Owens took home Top Female Vocalist Honors. Kay Adams was in tears when she accepted her award for Most Promising Female Vocalist at the dinner. Merle Haggard took home Most Promising Male Vocalist. Roger Miller won the overall award as Country Music Man of the Year.

In 1966, Kay along with Buck Owens and the Buckaroos appeared before over 12,000 fans in Bakersfield as part of a show sponsored by radio station KUZZ. It was held at Hart Memorial Park. The crowd showed up in spite of the 107 degree heat of the day. Other artists appearing that day were Joe and Rose Lee Maphis, Louise Louvett, Ronnie Sessions. A new singer by the name of Bobby Austin, recording on the Tally label was also there. Buck's son, Buddy Alan entertained the fans as well with a few tunes and learned that Buddy would soon be going into the studio to record. Bonnie Owens was there as were Merle Haggard, Jeanie O'Neal, Bobby Durham, and Freddy Hart were also among the entertainers.

Radio and television personalities that were part of the show were Larry Daniels and the Buckshots of KUZZ, Wes Sanders and his Hoedown Gang from Channel 17 along with Dave Stogner and the Kountry Korner Gang from Channel 29. The crowd was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of two unannounced guests - Roger Miller and Tommy Collins. This was the second year for the "Fun In The Sun Picnic" as the show was promoted. They only had 4,000 fans in 1965. And with triple the attendance in 1966, one only wonders what the 1967 get together might bring.

In October 1966, Kay was once again part of a large gathering of entertainers. On October 1, it was reported the "biggest gorup of outstanding guest stars" appeared on the famed WWVA Jamboree at Jamboree Hall in Wheeling, WV. Headlining the list of stars were Merle Haggard and Bonnie Owens along with Tommy Collins, Dick Curless, Kay Adams, Sandy Mason and a host of the usual Jamboree regulars. Folks like Doc Williams, Kenny Roberts, Charlie Moore, Bill Napier, Leon Ashley, Crazy Elmer, Margie Singleton, Betty Amos, Mary Lou Turner, George Adams, Skinny Clark and Lee Moore. Lee Sutton handled the emcee chores.

In October 1969, Kay wrapped up a Las Vegas engagement at the Nashville Nevada Club. She was given a going away party. She left on Saturday night, October 25, 1969 for a tour of Vietnam.

Promo Ad - The Palomino - North Hollywood, CA - Kay Adams - Glen Campbell - April 1966
Promo Ad - WHBO - Ft. Homer Hesterly Armory - Tampa, FL - Buck Owens - Dick Curless - Tommy Collins - Red Simpson - Merle Haggard - Bonnie Owens - Kay Adams - May 1966

Promo Ad - Golden Nugget - Las Vegas, NV - Dick Curless - Kay Adams - January 1967
Promo Ad - Crandall Gym - Arroyo Grande, CA - Merle Haggard - Bonnie Owens - Tommy Collins - Kay Adams - Dick Curless - February 1966
Promo Ad - Selland Arena - Fresno, CA - Buck Owens - Merle Haggard - Bonnie Owens - Rose Maddox - Tommy Collins - Dick Curless - Kay Adams - February 1967

Promo Ad - King of the Bass - Ventura, CA - Kay Adams - June 1966
Promo Ad - Rainbow Club and Casino - Henderson, NV - Kay Adams - November 1967

Promo Ad - Penn Theatre - Pittsburgh, PA - Buck Owens - Kay Adams - Tommy Collins - Dick Curless - Merle Haggard - Don Rich - Bonnie Owens - September 1966
Promo Ad - Cain's Ballroom - Tulsa, OK - Buck Owens - Dick Curless - Kay Adams - March 1966
Promo Ad - Fresno Memorial Auditorium - Fresno, CA - Billy Walker - Merle Haggard - Wynn Stewart - Dick Curless - Bonnie Owens - Kay Adams - January 1966
Promo Ad - KHEY Country Music Spectacular - El Paso Coliseum - El Paso, TX - Ben Colder - Sheb Wooley - Wynn Stewart - Kay Adams - Freddie Hart - Joe and Rose Lee Maphis - Jim Hendrix - September 1969

Promo Ad - The Palomino - Glen Campbell - Kay Adams - North Hollywood, CA - April 1966
Promo Ad - The Palomino - Ernest Tubb - Buddy Cagle - Kay Adams - North Hollywood, CA - March 1968

Promo Ad - Disneyland After Dark - Los Angeles, CA - Buck Owens - Kay Adams - Eddy Fukano - Noel Boggs - June 1968
Promo Ad - Magoo's - Phoenix, AZ - Kay Adams - August 1968

Promo Ad - Fair Center Hall - KOOL Country Music Spectacular - Jerry Wallace - Molly Bee - Tex Williams - Kay Adams - May 1975
Promo Ad - B & E Club - Salinas, CA - Kay Adams - March 1973

Promo Ad - Johny and Jonie Mosby's Ban Dar - Kay Adams - Ventura, CA - June 1973
Promo Ad - Century Lounge - Merced, CA - Bill Anderson - Kay Adams - Eddie Cash - April 1974

Promo Ad - The Palomino - North Hollywood, CA - Joe and Rose Lee Maphis - Kay Adams - Faron Young - Del Reeves - Freddie Hart - October 1972
Promo Ad - Hermitage - Ogden, UT - Kay Adams - August 1975

Kay Adams
Record Reviews From Billboard and Cash Box
Date Label Rec No. Review
11/6/1965 (BB) Tower 177 Honky Tonk Heartache b/w Don't Talk Trouble To Me
New voice on the country scene that should prove a winner and establish an important performer. Fine production by Cliffie Stone. Flip: "Don't Talk Trouble to Me"
1/15/1966 (CB) Tower 201 Roll Out The Red Carpet b/w She Didn't Color Daddy
Kaye Adams looks like she has a sure-fire winner on her hands with this walloper called “Roll Out The Red Carpet.” Tune is a rootin’- tootin’, high-falutin’ thunker with plenty of gusto and audience appeal. Keep an eye on this one. Flip, “She Didn’t Color Daddy,” is a slowed down, tear-filled ballad, also with lots of appeal.
4/9/1966 (CB) Tower 226 A Devil Like Me Needs An Angel Like You b/w No Fool Like An Old Fool
With Dick Curless. Just starting to click with his latest solo outing, “Highway Man,” Dick Curless has teamed up with Kute ’n Kuddly Kay Adams for what should soon be a chartbusting item. Top side, “A Devil Like Me Needs An Angel Like You,” is heartwarming, twangy mover that’s certain to be grabbed up quick by country buyers. A winner. “No Fool Like An Old Fool” is a shuffling heartbreaker.
4/9/1966 (BB) Tower 226 A Devil Like Me Needs An Angel Like You b/w No Fool Like An Old Fool
The up-and-coming country artists pool their talents for an exceptional duet on a tune penned by Red Simpson and Don Rich. Flip: "No Fool Like an Old Fool"
8/27/1966 (CB) Tower 269 Little Pink Mack b/w That'll Be The Day
Kay Adams goes truck driving with this happy tune, “Little Pink Mack,” that should quickly have her wheeling up the chart. It’s a quick movin’, twangy ditty about a lady driver with a somewhat different rig and the attention that she just naturally gets. The flip, “That’ll Be The Day” is an easy paced ditty about a truckdriving man and family problems.
11/26/1966 (CB) Tower 294 You Taught Me Everything I Know b/w Where Did The Good Times Go
With her first hit, “Little Pink Mack,” still going strong, Kay Adams comes across with a winning deck yanked from the score of “The Legend Of Johnny Brown.” Top side, “You Taught Me Everything I Know,” is a tender ballad, nicely handled by the young lass. “Where Did The Good Times Go” is a powerful blues lid.
4/29/1967 (CB) Tower 329 Six Days Awaiting b/w Be Nice To Everybody
Kay Adams had a big winner with “Little Pink Mack,” and “Six Days Awaiting,” her answer to Dave Dudley’s while-back smash, “Six Days On The Road,” should be another chart-destined item for her. The side is a brisk-moving swinger that should do it again for Kay. “Be Nice To Everybody” is a spirited, mid-tempo bouncer.
9/9/1967 (CB) Tower 360 I Let A Stranger (Buy The Wine) b/w Husband Stealer
In addition to her talented tonsils Kay Adams also displays a talented pen in her first writing effort, “I Let A Stranger Buy The Wine.” This tale of a gal stepping out could bring the Texas lass back into the limelight after a long absence. “Husband Stealer” is a cute bouncer.

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Appearance History This Month

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  3692 A Reason To Feel
  3692 B Ain't It Funny How The Heart Rules The Mind
  P-3551 A Step Aside Girl
  P-3551 B Second Hand Sugar Spoon
  P-3624 A Hearts Of Stone
  P-3624 B I Can, I Can
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  CC-45-120 A Womanizer
  CC-45-120 B As Long As We Love Like This
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  521 A I Never Got To Nashville
  521 B Eli Whitney
  525 A Country Dreamer
  525 B Henry In The Centerfold
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1015 A You Better Not Do That
  1015 B Let George Do It
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  177 A Don't Talk Trouble To Me
  177 B Honky Tonk Heartache
  201 A Roll Out The Red Carpet
  201 B She Didn't Color Daddy
  226 A A Devil Like Me (w/Dick Curless)
  226 B No Fool Like An Old Fool (w/Dick Curless)
  235 A Anymore
  235 B Old Heart Get Ready
  269 A Little Pink Mack
  269 B That'll Be The Day (w/Cliffie Stone Group)
  294 A Where Did The Good Times Go?
  294 B You Taught Me Everything I Know
  305 A Rocks In My Head (w/Cliffie Stone Group)
  305 B Trapped (w/Cliffie Stone Group)
  329 A Six Days Awaiting (w/Cliffie Stone Group)
  329 B Be Nice To Everybody (w/Cliffie Stone Group)
  360 A I Let A Stranger (Buy The Wine)
  360 B Husband Stealer
  395 A Get Out Of My Heart
  395 B Big Mac
  445 A Gonna Have A Good Time
  445 B Maybe You'll Appreciate Me Someday
  470 A Too Used To Being With You
  470 B Good Morning, Love

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