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Margie Lane
Born:  February 16, 1932
Died:  December 16, 2007
America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame (2004)

About The Artist

Margie Lane - Cowgirl Suit Margaret Lane Kobal, known to country music fans as Margie Lane was a long-time country and western singer who got her start on the east coast, but life's journey and marriage took her to New Mexico. She was married for 44 years to Sundown Pete Kobal.

As Pete describes it in the liner notes of one of their recordings, they "...evolved during the time when western music was popular both on the silver screen and radio."

Margie and Sundown Pete met at a popular western night club in New Jersey back when both were touring with other musical acts.

Sundown Pete had other aspirations at the time and left New Jersey. Margie stayed in the northeastern part of the country.

Meanwhile, Sundown Pete found himself eventually in California where he appeared on a television talent show called "Rocket to Stardom" in 1955. He won first prize on the show singing the western classic, "Ghost Riders In The Sky." He began touring with various other local and national artists and his touring took him once again back east.

Margie Lane Once back East, he made contact with Margie again. This time, they decided to team up musically. They found an opportunity to fill in for an act at a country and western show. From that moment on, they began touring the 'circuit' as they called it. They worked with such stars back east as Elton Britt, Shorty Warren and Kenny Roberts to name a few. They also teamed up as life partners - they got married.

Their talents finally took them to Nashville, Tennessee. They were appearing on shows that headlined Opry stars Roy Acuff and Hank Snow. In fact, Hank owned a record label back then, Silver Star, and signed the duo to record for it.

Their tours through Nashville and elsewhere helped them make contact with one of traditional country music's tireless promoters, Cowboy Howard Vokes, whom they've known since 1969.

Margie's vocal style was quite versatile having performed with combo pop bands, western bands and country bands.

The duo also became acquaintances of Elsie Mcwilliams and Anita Rodgers Court while in Meridian, Mississippi and again in San Antonio, Texas. They corresponded with them regularly by mail over the years.

Margie Lane - Sundown Pete The recordings that Margie and her husband made stayed true to their musical leanings in later years - country and a heavy emphasis on western as well as including influences of the Mexican sounds that they found living near the border.

Margie saluted the music of Mexico with her "Romantic Moments" album that was released on the Broadcast Label. She described it as "...border music...it's honest, sweet and the music of life and love." The two of them released another tribute album to the southwestern sounds - "In El Paso" in which they were accompanied by the Arriba Juarez Mariachi and the Midnight Strings. They dedicated the album to the spirit of another legend who also used the Mexican sounds in his recordings, Marty Robbins.

Pete notes that she always made sure that he 'blended' in with her when they appeared together, noting her sense of fashion.

In 2003, they released an album called "The Only Star", which Sundown Pete notes is a tribute song to his wife. The album contained songs they had made from 1971 to 2003. Pete tells fans in the liner notes, "Margie's voice stands alone in this crowded world of music and is recognized no matter if it's old or new western, country, or pop music of the 40s with full orchestra or symphony."

Margie passed away in late 2007 and was laid to rest in Deming, New Mexico.

Credits & Sources

  • Hillbilly-Music.com wishes to thank Margie Lane and Sundown Pete for providing us with photos, biographical information and the opportunity to enjoy their musical recordings.
  • Margie Lane and Sundown Pete; 2004 Radio Interview with Darwin Lee Hill of radio station WHVW in Poughkeepsie, New York; Copy provided by Sundown Pete.

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

CIE Records
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  RPA 7617 A Wild Wind
  RPA 7617 B Happy To Be With You
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  Unknown1 A My Swiss Moonlight Lullaby (w/Sundown Pete)
  Unknown1 B Yodeling Love Call (w/Sundown Pete)
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1780 A You Can Have Him When I'm Gone
  1780 B Sometimes Remember
  3178 A Lonely Only For You (w/Sundown Pete)
  3178 B Title Unknown
  41473 A Never No More Blues (w/Sundown Pete)
  41473 B Frankie and Johnny (w/Sundown Pete)
  52383A A Carelss Hands
  52383B B Sweethearts Or Strangers
  52383E A A Boy From Texas, A Girl From Tennessee
  52383F B Driftwood On The River
  5290 A Fences To Mend
  5290 B Forever
  9173A A Lonely Only For You (w/Sundown Pete)
  9173A B That Same Old Fool (w/Sundown Pete)
  D45-187 A I Can Hear The Southland Singing
  D45-187 B Lost In The Shadows
  D4511-682A A Forever (w/Sundown Pete)
  D4511-682A B Searching (w/Sundown Pete)
  D451780 A Sometimes Remember
  D451780 B You Can Have Him When I'm Gone
  D451780B1 A Elusive Love
  D451780B2 B Shadows Will Fall
Silver Star
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1032 A Mississippi River Blues
  1032 B Time After Time

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