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Norm Cohen (Author)
Born:  December 13, 1936

About The Author

American folk and country music scholar. His full time work was as a chemist at the Aerospace Organisation in Los Angeles, he later relocated to Portland, Oregon to teach chemistry and folk music. He was made secretary of the John Edwards Memorial Forum in 1969 and also edited the JEMF Quarterly publication (1966-1988).


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Long Steel Rail
The Railroad in American Folksong
By Norm Cohen
University of Illinois Press
744 Pages
ISBN:  0-252-06881-5

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Folk Music: A Regional Exploration
By Norm Cohen
Greenwood Press
376 Pages
ISBN:  978-0313328725

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Folk Song America A 20th Century Revival
By Norm Cohen
Smithsonian Collection of Recordings
106 Pages

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Ethnic and Border Music: A Regional Exploration
By Norm Cohen
Greenwood Press
208 Pages
ISBN:  978-0313331923

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Ozark Folksongs (Music in American Life)
By Vance Randolph; Edited by Norm Cohen
University of Illinois Press
616 Pages
ISBN:  978-0252008153

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